Geoff Keighley confirms why Pokémon Uranium and Metroid 2 Remake were removed from the Game Awards list

Although the truth is that the reason for the withdrawal of these two titles was an open secret for almost everyone, recently the creator of the Game Awards Geoff Keighley confirmed it completely in a twitch stream.

As he said, the show couldn’t get the go-ahead to have Pokémon Uranium and Another Metroid 2 Remake on show in time. The companies found out about their inclusion at the same time as the rest of the people when the lists were made public. Immediately, Keighley says, they knew they couldn’t get the green light to keep those projects as nominees and that if they insisted on doing so, this year’s entire Game Awards gala might have had to be canceled.

What do you think of this? Why do you think they included these titles if they didn’t get the permission to nominate them?