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get Apple’s true wireless headphones for 129 euros saving 50

get Apple’s true wireless headphones for 129 euros saving 50

Although Amazon a few days ago had them cheaper, for about 125 euros, that offer lasted less than a candy at the door of a school. Now the AirPods from Manzana at a more interesting price they are again tuimeilibre, which leaves us at 129 euros.

As we have already told you so many times, we talk about the second generation AirPods but with conventional charging case, you need the Lightning cable to charge your battery. In the rest, surely you already know them: these headphones are totally wireless, without a cable that unites them, offering us some 5 hours of autonomy by themselves and even 24 hours if we add the extra charges that the case is capable of providing with the battery full.

Because, these headphones are charged simply by putting them in their case, this being the one we really have to charge. In addition, its loading is done quickly, being able to offer 3 more hours with only 15 minutes in it.

They have touch technology and to control them you only have to give them one or two touches, but the most surprising thing about them comes thanks to their W11 chip, able to easily pair them not only with the iPhone, but with other devices, including iPads or Macs and putting them into operation just by putting them on. In addition to pausing playback just by taking them off. And of course also they are hands free And not only do they have a microphone in one of them, but the two can be used to talk on the phone independently.

Since the official price of this model is 179 euros, buying them in tuimeilibre we will be saving about 50 euros, although yes, the shipping costs are 5.99 euros.

In the complete analysis of the SamaGame AirPods you will find more information about them in addition to all their characteristics.

Official price: € 179

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