Get Subnautica for free from the Epic Games Store

You can currently download Subnautica for free from the Epic Games Store.

This is still possible until December 27th. The normal price of the title is 20.99 euros.

The Epic Games Store is Epic’s new competitive portal to Steam and offers developers 88% of the sales of their games. They only get 70 percent on Steam.

The store recently launched with new titles from Bastion developer Supergiant, Abzu developer Giant Squid and Killing Floor developer Tripwire.

According to Epic, you get a free game every two weeks.

In Subnautica you end up in an alien underwater world. Here you make equipment, pilot submarines, and outsmart wild animals while exploring coral reefs, volcanoes, and caves.

You can read more about this in our Subnautica review.

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