Get through the end of the year with the seventh Humble Indie Bundle

It’s that time of the month again. No, we are not talking about that week that your love is so difficult, but about the release of a new Humble Bundle. After a spin-off bundle of THQ games, this seventh Humble Bundle returns to its roots with a collection of great indie games.

For anyone who throws at least one euro cent towards the organizers, four indie games and a film await. Anyone who withdraws more than the average amount paid from their virtual wallet will receive two extra games on top. How you distribute that amount (between the developers, a charity and the Humble Bundle organization itself) is completely up to you.

The stuff you can buy is:

  • The adorable puzzle game Snapshot where you have to get through the levels armed with a camera and all your gray cells.
  • The Binding of Isaac (Including Wrath of the Lamb DLC) where you have to take little Isaac through endless dungeons populated by countless monsters and lots of bosses. From the makers of Super Meat Boy.
  • Closure, to which the quote “What you see is what you get” applies in full. Only the parts of the levels that are highlighted actually exist. Play with light, darkness and shadows to get through this colorless puzzle game.
  • Indie Game: The Movie. Not a game, but a film about games and how they are made by indie studios. In this print you follow several independent developers through the production of their games. You soon realize that making a game is about much more than just strumming on a keyboard. Often times, the developer’s entire life depends on how well the game fares in the end.
  • And finally there is also Shank 2, a bloody 2D sidescroller that must rely on his action. Using guns, knives and other killer tools, take down hundreds of enemies until you reach the final boss waiting at the right end of the level.
  • Those who pay more than the average amount (currently just under six dollars) also receive the class-based 3D tower defense game. Dungeon Defenders and all its DLC and the first-person roguelike RPG Legend of Grimrock. Both games are well worth your while.
  • Finally, buyers also receive the soundtracks from most of the games in the Humble Bundle.

You can buy the Humble Bundle 7 if you hover your cursor over it and click the left mouse button once. You still have about two weeks!

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