Ghost of a Tale now available physically for PlayStation 4

The Collector’s Edition in Physical is now available! Ghost of a Tale, for the first time on PlayStation 4! Thanks to the collaboration between the SeithCG development team, Plug In Digital distributor and Tesura Games (formerly Avance Discos).

Ghost of a Tale is an action RPG in which you’ll control Tilo, a brave mouse bard trapped in a dangerous adventure. The story takes place in a medieval world in which rats reign over all creatures and narrates the adventures that are both epic and intimate, in a combination of elements of graphic adventure games, RPG action and exploration with a very immersive visual style .

High Ruin is a dangerous place for a mouse, and Tilo is not exactly a warrior… When facing deadly enemies twice your size, your only allies will be cunning and agility. Speak with the denizens of Ruin Heights, turn your enemies into allies, and leave no nooks and crannies unexplored on your quest to find Merra.


  • Explore the breathtaking scenery. This world contains dozens of secrets, mysteries and puzzles to solve …
  • Be stealthy! Tilo is a bard, not a warrior. Use stealth to survive the dangers that await in Ruin Heights …
  • You are a mouse! There is more than one way to fix the problem. A bottle in the right direction can be the perfect distraction, or knock down enemies with the blow.
  • Gala. The right disguise will turn enemies into allies. Or just dress Tilo as you want, and be the most elegant …

… All to find your true love, Merra.

Ghost of a Tale comes in two editions, Normal and Collector. The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Ghost of a Tale on PS4 (EU Edition)
  • OST
  • 100 page art book
  • Character card collection
  • Exclusive pin
  • Cut-out figure of Tilo

You can see more information in the following LINK.