Sucker Punch begins a new round of hires, including a writer position focused on creating stories for an open world game.

Ghost of Tsushima brought us samurai-laden winds, a lot of feudal Japan, and an outstanding open world full of beautiful places and a very striking color palette. Sucker Punch returned to PlayStation 4 in a great way and, after the success of his game, now everyone is watching the studio associated with SIE.

It’s known that Sucker Punch has already started the development process for its next game, but what is on the minds of the study is not known. Of course, there has already been talk of a Ghost of Tsushima sequel, even the creative director could have confirmed its development for PS5. However, they are just rumors, though we have more clues about this enigmatic project.

Job offers often offer some clues as to the nature of upcoming games in development, and Sucker Punch has posted a new vacancy via Twitter. The studio is looking for a writer / screenwriter to tell “shocking character-driven stories in an open-world game.”.

You’ll have the skills to create emotional stories, memorable characters, and strong dialogue as you collaborate with the writing team and other designers to advance our storytelling in Sucker Punch, the job description continues.

A number of requirements and responsibilities are also mentioned below. It has not been defined what this project could be inclined to, but it gives us a clue that, whatever it is, Ghost of Tsushima 2, a new Infamous or another totally new IP, Sucker Punch is focused on an open world.

Ghost of Tsushima was a crowd favorite in 2020. Such was its popularity that even Ghost of Tsushima players themselves managed to raise money to rebuild a royal Japanese temple on the Japanese island.