Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most anticipated PS4 titles for 2019, and the folks at Sucker Punch are looking forward to showing the audience what they’re preparing for the game. At a developer event in Turin, the creative director spoke about the challenge of creating an oriental game as an American studio.

Ghost of Tsushima creative director Nate Fox spoke at the VIEW Conference 2018 about Ghost of Tsushima and how the game is different from the titles the studio has already created. The game, which takes place on the island of Tsushima, which lies between the Korean peninsula and Japan, puts the player in control of one of the few samurai that can prevent the Mongol invasion.

Fox said everyone was excited to make the game because there is something romantic about the Japanese feudal period and believes it is a topic little explored by Western studios.

“We were excited to play a game in Feudal Japan. Part of the fantasy around this period is being a samurai, an exciting job to have in feudal Japan. It’s something that is not widely used, I don’t know why more games are not happening at that time, “commented Fox.

To ensure that the game looked as authentic as possible, Sucker Punch Japanese experts who study the country’s feudal era to advise them on their choices. In addition, the studio can consult professionals from Sony’s eastern arm about the game, which according to Fox, was excellent for not letting Sucker Punch stray too far from the original idea of ​​the game and could respect Japanese culture and customs.

Will all of this end up generating a really special game? We will know this when Ghost of Tsushima, which still has no confirmed release date, arrives on PS4.