Ghost of Tsushima has detailed gameplay

Become a Katana master!

We have barely recovered from The Last of Us: Part 2 and PlayStation has already started the promotional campaign for the next big exclusive – Ghost of Tsushima. In an article posted on PlayStation Blog, Chris Zimmerman, co-founder of studio Sucker Punch talks a little more about the game’s inspirations and, of course, reveals details about the gameplay.

Chris begins by stating that the goal of the work is to transport players to Feudal Japan. For them to be successful, the studio would need to accurately replicate authentic katana combat, replicating the sound, weight and visuals. Certainly, some films served as inspiration for the title, like 13 Assassins, however, building a game is a very different process.

In short, the team focused on three details: Speed, Accuracy and Lethality. Speed ​​is fundamental in the combat between katanas, after all, they weigh a maximum of 2 kilos. All combat animations were captured internally in the studio. As the response time of human beings is very fast, this initially created a problem for the team. Fortunately, the problem was solved with a rather simple solution: the first attack of the enemies is slower, however, their next attacks will always be very fast. Anticipation will be essential to win the clashes present in the game.

Lethality has an intimate relationship with the focus. If you pay close attention to the fights, you will most likely stay alive. Otherwise, death will be certain.

Finally, Precision. The katana greatly rewards accuracy. It is extremely important that you make the cut at the right time. Attacks can be canceled instantly, allowing Jin to come up with incredible strategies to battle multiple enemies. When blocking enemy attacks, you can press L1 seconds before the enemy attack hits you, leaving it vulnerable to blows. By improving this skill, you will be able to eliminate the enemy with a devastating counterattack.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17th this year exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can check out our interview with one of the game’s writers here.