The developers of sucker Punch and the publisher Sony PlayStation, have shared a new trailer dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima, the long-awaited open world title from the developers of inFamous.

The video, visible at the bottom of the news, is entitled “Become the Phantom“and is entirely dedicated to the protagonist of the game, Jin Sakai. Although the trailer does not show unreleased gameplay scenes, it allows us to better delve into the game story, thanks to some information that paints a very interesting picture.

From what we are told, the game takes place in medieval Japan, during the invasion of the Mongols that took place in the Kamakura period. Jin, trained since childhood to follow the samurai way tradition, discovers that what he has learned is not enough to counter the advance of the enemies and, therefore, chooses to use a different approach, hitting enemies from the shadows, like a real ghost. This is clearly opposed to the samurai rules and will be a great source of conflict with his master and uncle, Lord Shimura.

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If this affects gameplay and storyline, we will only find out in the coming weeks when more information about the game is shared. What do you think?

We remind you that Ghost of Tsushima will be released exclusively on PS4 on July 17, 2020.

Source: Facebook