Slowly but surely, Ghost of Tsushima enters the history of the PlayStation: the title of the Sucker Punch studio continues to sell, exactly 2 years after its release in July 2020… And is still approaching the bar of 10 million copies sold.

The American studio took stock of the game’s figures on its official Twitter account, looking back on the various performances of the players during their adventures, with many statistics testifying to its tireless success on PS4 and PS5.

Ghost of Tsushima is still going strong

It is therefore precisely at 9.73 million copies that Ghost of Tsushima sold out, a great performance that puts the game in a good position in the top 10 sales of the PlayStation 4 console. Ghost of Tsushima is hot on the heels of blockbusters like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Remastered and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, all of which have surpassed the 10 million copies mark. Nevertheless, the adventure on Japanese soil is still far, very far from the three biggest sales of the console, namely Uncharted 4, Minecraft and God of War, the latter having sold 19.5 million copies.

On the occasion of the two years of the release of the game, Sucker Punch has also detailed the various cumulative statistics of the players. The amateur samurai have therefore spent 6437.4 years on horseback traversing the lands of the island of Tsushima, a good little bit of time in short. More than 998 million clashes also took place, for 540.8 million saber against saber duels. Finally, to finish on a more pacifist note: 78 million shots were taken via the game’s photo mode, while 75.18 million foxes were treated to petting by ronins around the world.

Still in the news surrounding Ghost of Tsushima, we are still waiting for the first images of its adaptation to the big screen by Chad Stahelsk, director of the John Wick trilogy. According to the latest news, the writing of the script for the film is progressing, carried out in tandem with the game’s development teams… Patience required, therefore.

Ghost of Tsushima is approaching 10 million copies sold

It has now been two years since Ghost of Tsushima came out, and the studio Sucker Punch has obviously found her new golden egg hen here. Acclaimed by critics and the public, the title has already been entitled to a second version and is now preparing its adaptation to the cinema, with undoubtedly a second game which is also in development. It is therefore a full box for the studio, which boasts today of almost exceeding a highly symbolic level.

Just a little more effort

To celebrate the game’s second anniversary, Sucker Punch tweeted with several statistics around the title, which shows how well it has been played.

Above all, we note that Ghost of Tsushima is approaching 10 million copies sold, since it totals 9.73 million today. Very good results for a new license, especially for an exclusivity. This also means that since the beginning of the year, the game has managed to sell 1.73 million copies.

Other slightly less significant numbers to remember include 78 million photos taken in-game, while players spent more than 6437.4 years combined on horseback.

In short, enough to announce good news for Ghost of Tsushima 2, which is certainly in active development within the studio.

Ghost of Tsushima is approaching the 10 million sales mark

It’s definitely a “10 million” party right now: after The Last of Us: Part II, monster hunter rise and Resident Evil 2 Remakeit’s the turn of Ghost of Tsushima to reach this level or let’s say really almost.

Because it is within the framework of the 2 years of the game, relaunched in the meantime in Director’s Cut on PlayStation 5 like PlayStation 4 (and not yet on PC note) that Sucker Punch declares to have reached precisely 9.74 million units sold, allowing to say that the future milestone is only a mere formality.

Come on, just a little promo what, and at worst, the future film adaptation signed by the director of John Wick will take care of giving him the last necessary publicity stunt.


The list of PlayStation Studios games that have crossed the threshold of 10 million sales will expand a little more, since Ghost of Tsushima is slowly approaching this symbolic score, with 9.73 million copies sold. This information is the studio Sucker Punch who shared it through a tweet in which the developers celebrate the 2 years of existence of the game. They take the opportunity to reveal some key figures “just for fun” as they say . We learn, for example, that 78 million photos have already been taken, that 540.8 million duels have been made, that 91.4 million missions have been played in the “Legends” multi mode, that 94.76 million onsen (hot springs) have been visited or 75.18 million foxes were stroked. While waiting for the 10 million to be crossed, we remind you that a Ghost of Tsushima film is in production and that it is Chad Stahelski, the director of the first John Wick, who is on it.

Ghost of Tsushima: 9.73 million copies sold and other big numbers for the second anniversary

The title in Japan of Sucker Punch is obviously a success, the studio shares some figures.

Sucker Punch Productions launched two years ago Ghost of Tsushima, an action-adventure game set in feudal Japan that quickly caught on with gamers, recording 2.4 million copies sold after just three days. Today, the title celebrates its second anniversary, the developers take stock.

Two years after its release on PlayStation 4 then PS5 in Director’s Cut edition, Ghost of Tsushima sold 9.73 million copies, a great success for a new license. The studio shares other figures, with 78 million photos taken in-game, 75.18 million foxes petted, 94.76 million onsen visited, 6,437.4 years spent on horseback, not to mention 998.5 million encounters with enemies, 540.8 million duels and 91.4 million missions played in Legends mode.

The numbers are good, and it’s a safe bet that Sucker Punch is already working on a sequelthe studio isn’t working on inFamous or Sly Cooper anyway. Ghost of Tsushima welcomed last April a final update, you can find the game at 42.30 € on Amazon.

Ghost of Tsushima: the excluded PS5 and PS4 on the way to an exceptional milestone

The way of the samurai

In 2020, the legendary warriors of the Japanese archipelago were resurrected by Sucker Punch with Ghost of Tsushima. PS4 exclusive at the time, brought to PS5 in 2021 with an update Director’s Cut, Ghost of Tsushima is an Open-World adventure game that has won over more than one player. Far from revolutionizing the formula, the software offers a solid and exotic gaming experience, both poetic and bloody, in the heart of feudal Japan.

You play as Jin Sakai, sole heir of his clan initiated into the way of the samurai who sees his destiny changed when his island is invaded by the Mongol Empire. A follower of Bushido, our hero must nevertheless choose to deviate from his rigorous principles to save his land and its inhabitants. He then becomes the ghost of Tsushima, a shadow warrior who sows terror in the ranks of his enemies.

Over the two years of Ghost of Tsushima’s service, Sucker Punch has enriched its title with several contents. First, stand-alone multiplayer Legends which stages fights inspired by Japanese folklore. Next, the game has received a DLC dubbed Iki Island which further extends our hero’s combat, as well as fan enjoyment.

To celebrate its anniversary, the studio has just taken stock. Among the few fun figures retained by Sucker Punch, we also note the sales scores of Ghost of Tsushima, which is about to reach a new major level.

10 million ronin

Sucker Punch picked out several cool data to remember for their game. After two years of roaming the island of Tsushima, players have achieved nearly 78 million of photographs to capture the abundant nature of Japan.

On the fighting side, we almost notice 1 billion frontal clashes and 540 million of duels. After the effort, the comfort for the samurai who took advantage of the various onsens of the island to 94 million of times. Regarding multiplayer, we learn that 91 million Legends missions have been played by the community.