Ghost of tsushima Sucker Punch starts trending on Twitter as fans post their favorite memories, screenshots, and thoughts from the game.

One of the most applauded games of 2020 due to its incredible story, stunning visuals and unique action-adventure gameplay, Ghost of tsushima Sucker Punch Productions has rightfully earned its growing following. With players still reeling from how immersive the game is, fans of Ghost of tsushima They’ve made the title trending on social media with Twitter posts of their favorite memories of the game.

Recently released in July 2020, Ghost of tsushima has won several categories at this year’s The Game Awards. And it has even been recognized by Japanese readers of Famitsu. Although it has already conquered the world of video games. The development team continued to provide more content for their active fan base. During the year, the developers released several updates: one that allows players to pet the dogs in the game, unique DLC outfits for Jin based on other PlayStation exclusives, and a multiplayer and raid feature that makes players work together. cooperatively to complete story arcs that are just as important. compelling as the main narrative.

Ghost of Tsushima is trending on Twitter

It is common to see fans post about their adventures of Ghost of tsushima On twitter. However, recently, gamers discovered that posting using #GhostofTsushima will soon lose the emoji face at the end of the hashtag. Even Andrew Goldfarb, a member of the Sucker Punch communications team for Ghost of Tsushima. He shared a Tweet saying goodbye to what he called “little jin.” And you’ve spammed the hashtag at least three times in your social media post.

Goldfarb He also stated that the hashtag’s emoji may disappear the next day or two. Without giving fans a concrete timeline on when the emoji will actually disappear from Twitter. This has prompted a massive influx of social media posts. Both as replies to Goldfarb’s Twitter thread and as individual posts through the personal accounts of very avid Ghost of Tsushima fans. To use the hashtag with the emoji one last time, players have shared their own favorite screenshots of Jin Sakai and the game’s amazing landscapes, most unforgettable memories, and odes to the game.

There is no doubt that Ghost of Tsushima has made a huge impression on both the game development industry and the global player base. With Ghost of Tsushima selling over five million copies worldwide, fans will have to wait for future team content updates. With such anticipation and demand, Sucker Punch is likely to create a sequel to the game’s hit title.

Here is the link to the PlayStation store in case you still do not have it and want to treat yourself.