Ghost of Tsushima Legends has detailed information about its content in a concept art book where you can see various sketches of enemies, final bosses and much more.

In the middle of August, Sucker Punch surprised everyone by announcing Ghost of Tsushima Legends, a cooperative multiplayer mode for the latest PS4 exclusive with a more than interesting approach in terms of design and gameplay.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is a departure from what was seen in Jin Sakai’s single-player campaign. Legends will focus more on portraying the most mythological and spiritual Japan thanks to the combination of samurai and ancient warriors with tengus, yokais and all kinds of creatures from Japanese folklore.

At the moment, little else is known about Ghost of Tsushima Legends except what is seen in the presentation trailer. It will arrive on PS4 for free in the fall, but Sucker Punch has not advanced any new information. However, if that more elements of this multiplayer have been detailed thanks to a game art book.

Many players have received “The Art of Ghost of Tsushima”, a book that offers additional information on Legends based on concept arts. For example, it has been described that the color palette will be much more exaggerated. They have also been able to see designs of new types of enemies, a final boss that seems to be taken from Nioh 2 and different varieties of terrifying demons.

In forums such as ResetEra or videos like the one that we attach, images have also escaped about what the main menu of this cooperative mode. The crafting tab is the one that raises the most unknowns. We will see everything that Legends has to offer.

Precisely today, Suhei Yoshida had a few words for the Ghost of Tsushima team “you are not going to fool anyone about a game made in the West”. Wondering what are the 10 best exclusive games that PlayStation 4 has had?