Since E3 2018 that we didn’t have more information and news about the new Ghost of Tsushima, which is being developed by the studio Sucker Punch exclusively for the Playstation 4. After some rumors and clues discovered, it looks like the game will be released by April 2020. All this after a financial report was leaked and probably delivered the game’s release period.

After the report of the Third Point, one of the major shareholders of Sony, have been published online, all pages present have been viewed and on one of them has the launch date of the company’s next exclusives, such as for example Days Gone, Death Stranding and others.

When we find the Ghost of Tsushima in the list we can notice the following information “to be released in ’19”, referring to the Japanese fiscal year, that is, it can be launched until April next year. Is the information true? When dealing with a business report, the probability of being true is very high.