We hadn’t had information about Ghost of tsushima! Now we know that Sucker Punch is hiring real samurai to give your video game more realism. We tell you everything we know about the subject!

Realistic combat in Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch He already told us a few months ago that they were hiring different experts to bring as much realism as possible to your video game. We are not only talking about historians, but experts in culture, aesthetics and even the characteristic animals of the time in which the title is set.

The fight It also has an important weight, since we already said that samurai will not be those to which the cinema has accustomed us. We leave you the fragment in which we explained it previously:

The concept of samurai that people have is that of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. However, during the XIII they were very different. The fighting style, aesthetics and behavior are not going to match our expectations. This can offer surprise and bewilderment to players. We need to keep an open mind.

This is the real reason why Sucker Punch is turning to teachers like Masakumo Kuwami and Ryusetsu Ide, and teachers from Tenshin ryu Hyoho …

Masters of the katana and martial arts school founded in the seventeenth century respectively. This school trains young pupils in arts such as Kenjutsu and the Battojutsu. These are examples of Sucker Punch’s determination to bring realism and historical and cultural fidelity to his video game.

It was our honor to be visited by two legit Japanese Samurai last week… @ideryusetsu @kuwamimasakumo #GhostofTsushima pic.twitter.com/Je3Ee4BsSr

– Sucker Punch (@SuckerPunchProd) August 30, 2018

Chris Zimmerman, head of Sucker Punch, previously recounted his experience during the development of Ghost of Tsushima: The truth is that if you ever pick up a katana and hold it in your hands, you realize how dangerous it is. It’s sharp, and it’s scary to have one. If you get hit with a katana, even just one hit, the fight is over.

We encourage you to read the news that we leave you below: We collect all the general details of the development of the video game and how far developers want to go to bring realism to their video game.

New Ghost of Tsushima Development Information – Setting, Story, and Samurai

Ghost of tsushima does not have a release date yet, but already promises to be one of the most promising Playstation 4 exclusives of 2019.

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