Ghost Recon: Break Point is designed to be played over the long term

Ubisoft has announced that Breakpoint is designed to be played over the long term and Ubisoft has a content calendar of up to 2 years.

Scheduled for October 1, 2019, Breakpoint will already receive in Autumn 2019 Operation Greenstone, the first episode with new content. In winter, Episode 2 will arrive and in Summer 2020, Episode 3 will arrive, completing the first year of content.

In a recent event, where we had the opportunity to play Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Nouredine Abboud, executive producer and responsible for post-launch support, also confirmed the arrival of the Project Titan raid – an event of great difficulty.

One of the first major Breakpoint events will be “We Are Summoning the Devil”, which takes you to a volcano and promises to become an incredibly intense experience.

Emulating what it did in Wildlands and even The Division 2, Ubisoft aims to treat Breakpoint as a live game, able to keep you around for months, maybe years.

Part of this will go through the Living Events and the first will be a collaboration with the Terminator property, however, several activities and updates with content are planned.

New maps and the “Engineer” class also arrive in the first major breakpoint update and Factions Missions were introduced as a way to keep you playing every day.

The first major update to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will introduce 3 Auroa Missions, 12 Faction Missions each day, and 5 Operation Greenstone Missions. According to Ubisoft, this means more than 6 hours of PvE content that you can play solo or cooperatively. This is a taste of what Ubisoft wants for Breakpoint.