Ubisoft announced the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint yesterday (9) and gave a lot of prominence to actor Jon Bernthal, scheduled to play the great villain of the game, Cole D. Walker, a former Ghost.

In addition to giving an even greater projection to the title, the presence of the actor who plays The Punisher in the Netflix series and has lived Shane from “The Walking Dead” has other reasons.

According to the director of “Breakpoint”, Eric Couzian, inserting an actor in the game was something necessary to supply Ubisoft’s desire to bring a deeper story. In putting an ex-Ghost in the role of villain, Couzian needed something with a “more powerful” representation than the Ghosts themselves. Thus, the Wolves emerged, but someone needed to be the main “face” of the new group and bring an atmosphere intimidating enough. Jon Bernthal’s on-screen personality and his experience with military unverses, as in “The Punisher”, and “Sicario: Nobody’s Land” made the actor considered perfect for the role.

Major Cole D. Walker makes his debut in the Ubisoft franchise already in Ghost Recon Wildlands, in the “Operation Oracle” mission. The content arrives as a free update for all users.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint arrives on October 8 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.