After bringing in The Division 2 a game full of political implications that does not take any position or develop its themes, it seems that Ubisoft will repeat the same formula in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. After the official announcement of the game, the company declared that “it is only creating a game and is not trying to make any political statements” with its products.

In Breakpoint, players encounter a universe in which a Silicon Valley genius creates drones and artificial intelligence to save the lives of the American army. When a rebel force takes control of the company and its devices, it is up to the player to deal with the outcome of these actions – which include the murder of a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Each player will see what they want

Despite the clear political implications this brings, developer Sebastien Le Prestre told GameSpot that Ubisoft is not trying to prove a specific point. “We are anchored in reality and you will get what you get from your gambling – everyone will get something different from your experience. History can make you see different situations, but we are not trying to guide anyone or make any statements. It’s a ‘what if?’ Scenario, it’s Tom Clancy, it’s purely fictional ”.

The position is not surprising for Ubisoft, which in the past has publicly stated that talking about political issues “is bad for business”. It remains to be seen how the developer will deal with these themes in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which hits PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on October 4th.