Ghost Recon Breakpoint presents a new live action trailer

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has presented on its official YouTube channel a new live action trailer starring Jon Bernthal. The actor famous for portraying Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Shane (The Walking Dead) plays Cole D. Walker, a former Ghost agent turned Wolf. We see more details of the story and motivations of the character in the new trailer. In addition, we will also show you a post-launch content roadmap of the game.

We already know the minimum and recommended requirements of Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Walker: Betrayed Soldier, Ex-Ghost and Active Wolf

What might look like a new season of The Punisher really is the new live action trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft has presented a video focused on the story of Walker, a soldier tired of the politics of his country and losing companions, who decides to defect from the Ghosts, form his own personal army and take the island of Aurora by force. Certainly the story and character of the character is similar to The Punisher, but after the cancellation of the Netflix series this is more of a relief than a downside.

Unlike Ghost Recon Wildlands, Breakpoint has an adversary at the height of the Ghostsbecause he knows his enemy and is capable of fighting him. Ubisoft has dedicated several videos to the character and the special figure of the Wolves Collector Edition it’s for him. There is no doubt that during the narrative it will weigh more than El Sueño en Wildlands.

Year 1 at Breakpoint

In another vein, Ubisoft has also unveiled the Ghost Recon Wildlands post-launch content roadmap, belonging to the PYear 1 Season Ace. In the first episode of the first year it is called Operation Greenstone Kicking off October 4 with special raids, events and rewards… More content will follow in winter and summer 2020.

The Year 1 Pass will be included in the top editions of the game and can be purchased post-launch at any time. On the other hand, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released between October 1 and 4, depending on the edition you have reserved, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.