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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will have progression shared between PvE and PvP

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will have progression shared between PvE and PvP

The opportunity to play 6 hours of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint did not allow us to just play the campaign and enjoy the PvE aspect, we also had access to PvP modes.

Like the PvE side, the PvP side of Breakpoint is a continuation of what you saw in Wildlands and Ubisoft has several improvements designed to encourage players to stay in the game for many months.

Alexandru Rais, the main designer responsible for PvP, commented that Breakpoint was developed with feedback from the community as the main starting point for improvements – the main difference will be the dedicated servers.

In Ghost War, the main motto will be to adapt and survive, especially with the introduction of small mechanics coming from the battle royale genre in intense 4v4 confrontations. Rais promised an evolution of the levels of Wildlands and says that you will find open and immense environments, in which the hunter becomes the prey.

In addition to this great novelty of dedicated servers, Breakpoint will allow you to enjoy the progression shared between the PvE and PvP aspects. With this, whenever you are playing the campaign, you are purchasing weapons or perks that will be useful in PvP.

Rais also spoke about maps tailored specifically for PvP, support for all classes, game styles and tactics, and an experience that will allow you to customize your Ghost without the great restrictions of Wildlands. Whether in the type of weapons, skills or specializations that can be chosen by a team at any given time.

Assault, Panther, Sharpshooter and Medic (novelty) will be the classes that will be present in the game and there will be no class or weapon restrictions. You can have a team of 4 Panthers with Snipers and play the way you want.

Ubisoft found out which type of maps were most played and preferred by the community to establish the initial path of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and believes that it managed to create something that you will like.

We still have to mention the news in terms of PvP game modes, for which Ubisoft presented Sabotage and Elimination.

In Sabotage, one team will have to place a bomb and the other will have to defuse it, while in Elimination you will find the classic all against all teams, in Ghost Recon version.