Fans of Sam Fisher have reason to celebrate, as Splinter Cell’s beloved star will be back in action next week in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as part of a possible crossover with Terminator.

The news comes via the Ghost Recon Twitter feed, which revealed Sam’s return to Breakpoint on Monday March 24. The announcement is accompanied by a short video for the new Deep State adventure, in which the hero, voiced once again by Michael Ironside, talks about the events that took place on Auroa, the island that is the backdrop to the game. There are also references to weapons, drones and Terminators.

The Terminators arrived on Breakpoint in January, so it’s unclear whether Fisher will see it directly against the deadly machines, as Ubisoft hasn’t provided further details, warning players to “stay tuned for more information.”

Obviously, this is a long way from a new Splinter Cell, rumored several times, but, at least, fans of the series will be able to return to see the hero in action.

Whatever Ubisoft has in store, it will arrive alongside Ghost Recon’s long-awaited Immersive Mode update, expected on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 24.

How about?


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