Find and arm yourself with the best weapons that can be found in Bolivia’s Ghost Recon Wildlands! There are many of them, so many in fact that it can get a bit overwhelming. Ghost Recon Wildlands is really full of weapons and thanks to the Gunsmith feature you can also customize all weapons to your liking.

To help clarify the huge selection, we’ve listed the best weapons in the game and where to find them. Where we have enough confidence in our knowledge, we also dare to explain in which situations you can best extract them. We also say which weapons are best for stealth, and which Exotics you get as a reward for killing the different bosses.

So without wasting any more time, here’s our guide to the best weapons in Ghost Recon Wildlands. On this page you will find:

  • Best assault rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Best sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • All Exotic Weapons in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Best assault rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Let’s start with the type of rifle you will likely use most often in Ghost Recon Wildlands: the assault rifle. There are so many different assault rifles, but the following list are all the weapons we think are really worth it. We divide them into four categories: the all-rounders, those with a high rate-of-fire (the speed at which you fire bullets) for close combat, the assault rifles that make the least noise, and finally, the strongest weapons for in case of emergency.

Don’t forget that with the Gunsmith you can drastically change your weapons. The scope, trigger, grip, length, laser sights … they all change the way your rifle can be used. A grenade launcher sounds nice, but firing normal bullets is a lot more difficult with such a thing mounted on your rifle. So think carefully about what you are doing and dare to experiment.

Assault rifles with best rate of fire

These weapons shoot bullets at your opponent at lightning speed, but this also makes it very difficult to aim. That’s why these assault rifles are good when you take on small groups of enemies that are close together. If you install a silencer on these guns, they do a lot less damage. So try out different configurations in the Gunsmith and you will certainly be able to make a gun that suits you perfectly.


This is arguably our favorite high rate of fire assault rifle. The handling is top notch and does a lot of damage.

G2 Famas

These can be found in the Inca Camina region, on Saint Martin Mountain. The G2 is the assault rifle with the highest rate of fire in Ghost Recon Wildlands. If you want to mow down the bad guys quickly, this one is for you.


You can find the TAR-21 in the Montuyoc region, in Choza Padre. This assault rifle has the best handling, so it’s perfect if you need something fast and stable.


Not only does the AK12 have a reasonable rate of fire, it also does quite a lot of damage and the handling is also quite good. A good all-rounder.

Assault rifles for stealth

All these assault rifles are very quiet, but that also makes them less powerful. If it goes wrong, remove the silencer to deal more damage immediately.


This is the assault rifle that still does the most damage with a suppressor on. Good for situations where you have to kill a lot of enemies in a short time but cannot be discovered.


The P416 is one of the quietest assault rifles, thanks to the excellent suppressor. Use this for when you storm fortresses at night, but go for headshots because this gun doesn’t do very much damage.

805 Bren A2

Even with a silencer, the 802 Bren A2 has an excellent rate of fire and does quite a lot of damage. So don’t ignore this weapon.

All-round assault rifles

These are the general assault rifles that are ideal for use during the week. They are not terribly powerful, nor are they ideal in quiet situations. But at close range, they are strong enough to shoot through armor. You can also equip them all with a silencer so they are always handy to have with you when you need to improvise.


You can find this assault rifle in the Flor De Oro region, in the Armadillo Hunting Lodge. What do we like about this gun? The rate of fire, how far you can shoot and the handling make it a very reliable firearm.


You can find this in the Libertad region, in the gas station in the southeast of the map. Like the M4A1, the handling and range of this rifle is quite good. Also look for the His and Hers Exotic variant, because it does more damage and has a drum barrel if you are a fan of it.


This is located in the Caimanes region, close to where the great river splits. The 556xi is a solid weapon. It deals a lot of damage, can shoot far, is very accurate and lays down Unidad soldiers with ease.


You can find the ACR in the Media Luna region, in La Loma. Thanks to its accuracy, handling, rate of fire and penetration power, this weapon will quickly become one of your favorite weapons.

Assault rifle with highest damage

Mk 17

The Mk 17 is located at the Unidad base in Flor de Oro where you will also find General Boro. It’s hard to get hold of, but it’s totally worth it. The Mk 17 deals the most damage of all assault rifles, can shoot far and is incredibly accurate.

Best sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Although you can get an M40A5 pretty quickly and that sniper rifle performs properly, there are plenty of better alternatives. Our tip: get the MSR sniper rifle as soon as possible. Below we explain where to find it.

The best way to get the MSR is to grab the helicopter and fly straight to the location where the rifle is stored. By flying you prevent bumping into difficult Unidad soldiers.

Open the map and fly west to the Montuyoc region. There, look for the Choza Padre Mine. You can find it by following the dirt road south of Araca Village. You can’t get much further west on the map.

Take out the handful of guards on the property in front of the entrance. You can do this fine from the helicopter. Then enter the mine.

There are many enemies out there. However, there are the necessary red barrels that you can explode with a well aimed shot. You don’t go very deep into the mine, so stealth is not a requirement to get to the weapon crate in one piece. So feel free to use heavy artillery and explosives. Wait for the cartel members to come into your sight and kill them one by one.

When the first part with enemies is safe, take the first left immediately after the entrance to the mine. Walk all the way to the end. There you will find the SMR. This tough guy has impressive statistics: in terms of accuracy, range and penetration, the sniper rifle scores almost maximum. The SMR also does very well in terms of damage.

There are a total of eleven different sniper rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Once found, you can always take a gun in your inventory and / or adjust it. There are also the necessary scopes in the map to fine-tune your SMR.

All Exotic Weapons in Ghost Recond Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has no shortage of weapons, but if you want the cool weapons wielded by the big drug lords, you’ll have to rip them from their cold dead fingers.

Exotic weapons in Ghost Recon: Wildlands can only be obtained by defeating bosses. So you can see them as a reward for playing the story. Unlike the regular weapons, these ‘exotic’ weapons cannot be modified. But why would you want to change such cool looking weapons?

Here are all the bosses you have to kill and the weapon you can take from them.

Exotic assault rifles

Her AK-47 and His AK-47

Boss: La Yuri and El Polito
Region: Itacua’s hunting lodge

M4A1 Tactical

Boss: Carl Bookhart
Region: Montuyoc

Boss: DJ Perico Region: Pucara

Exotic light machine guns

El Bastón

Boss: Madre Coca
Region: Tabacal


Boss: Carzita
Region: PN De Agua Verde

Exotic submachine guns


Boss: Marcus Jensen
Region: Libertad

Experimento # 42

Boss: El Cerebro
Region: Caimanes


Boss: El Pozolero
Region: San Mateo


Boss: El Chido
Region: Malca, in the concert hall

Exotic sniper rifles

Lanza Sagrada

Boss: La Santera
Region: Espiritu Santo

The Warhawk

Boss: Boston Reed
Region: Koani, airport runway.

Exotic handguns

La Novena

Boss: El Gato
Region: Remanzo

El General

Boss: General Baro
Region: Flor De Oro

The Lady Killer

Boss: Antonio
Region: Mojocoyo


Boss: El Emisario
Region: Ocoro

Exotic shotguns

El Cuentista

Boss: El Wey
Region: Villa Verde


Boss: El Sueno
Region: Pucara

El Obsequio

Boss: El Pulpo
Region: Barvechos

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