Ghost recon wildlands It is already on sale and presents its launch trailer.

The first military shooter in an open world that can be played completely in co-op with up to 4 players or alone, it does not look for heroes … Players who are willing to fight against the Santa Blanca cartel will not receive honors, they are the punishment that wait for the narcos and they have total freedom to decide how to fulfill their objective!

For this, they will have more than 60 vehicles (motorcycles, cars, helicopters …), but they must use their intelligence or their coldness to disarm the cartel piece by piece until they reach El Sueño, the relentless leader of the organization.

Launch trailer Ghost recon wildlands

Ghost recon wildlands is out now on Xbox One, Ps4 and PC. We will have the review ready soon. Yes, we remind you that you can buy GRW in GAMERSGATE at the best price. Run fools!