Ghost Recon: Wildlands: Season Pass, DLCs and Free PvP Update Announced

Ubisoft has announced a Season Pass, DLC and a free PvP update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

The game will be released on March 7, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and can be pre-ordered as Standard Edition, Steelbook Edition and Gold Edition.

The Season Pass includes two major expansions and a special mission: ?? There you will encounter opponents that only experienced Ghosts can take on. Each equipment pack unlocks outfits and weapons inspired by the Rebellion and Unidad. Players will even be able to grab an outfit that mimics the style of a Santa Blanca cartel member. Further advantages result from the permanent and the one-time usable, short EP boost, which gives players a head start against the cartel “, it says.

The following content awaits you:

One week early access to two major expansions

  • Narco Road: Players will infiltrate a gang of smugglers and take part in insane races and challenges to gain the trust of the notorious leader and smash the gang from within. New bosses and vehicles await players in which to travel through the wildlands.
  • Fallen Ghosts: The Ghosts helicopter is shot down during an evacuation mission. You will have to adapt as an elite group of unscrupulous mercenaries set out to track them down. Players will battle a new, powerful enemy, learn new skills, and unlock more weapons to successfully complete the mission.
  • The Unidad Conspiracy: The players will work to shake the alliance between Santa Blanca and Unidad in the province of Media Luna and ultimately let it collapse.
  • Peruvian Connection: Players can complete the Peruvian Connection mission and receive seven patches.

Faction-specific equipment packages

  • Rebellion Ghost Pack: Players can wear a new outfit inspired by the brave rebels of Qatar’s 26. In addition, you will unlock a unique AK-47. This is equipped with an extended magazine and individually adapted with unique engravings.
  • Unidad Ghost Package: The players dominate their opponents with a Unidad disguise, which enables them to attack Unidad camps from within without being noticed. Furthermore, players receive the unique Unidad-LMG in the colors of the Unidad with a reflex sight and an extended magazine.
  • Santa Blanca Ghost Pack: A Santa Blanca-inspired outfit allows players to mimic the style of the gang without joining their ranks. The package also unlocks the gold-plated Santa Blanca M1911. This was specially engraved and decorated with the sign of the cartel so that players can use it to wreak havoc in the cartel.
  • Exclusive vehicle: Bolivian minibus

Digital content

  • A permanent + 5% EP boost for the player
  • A one-time, short XP boost: + 50% XP for the player and + 25% XP for all other players in the session. The boost lasts for two hours after activation.

A free PvP update has also been announced. This introduces a new mode that enables class-based battles for four against four players. More information will follow.

And last but not least, you can download a companion app for iOS and Android with Ghost Recon HQ.

The companion app serves as an additional screen experience in both solo and co-op play. By synchronizing with the game, the TacMap can be viewed seamlessly via the app. The guerrilla mode of the companion app sends players to help the rebellion and gives them the task of unlocking resources that the rebels can use in the main game to advance their progress, “it says.

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