Gigantic mod came to Watch Dogs with lots of new content

With the new mod named christening Living_Cityr, we can taste an unprecedented opportunity that will only add color to the overall picture.

It’s great to see that some modders don’t let games calm down even years after their release, and they whine and shape them until they polish them to near perfection. One such positive example is Ubisoft’s thrown-in game, 2012 Watch Dogs. What the French company giant failed to do at the time of its release was done by a couple of modders in nearly a year. This became Living_City.

The new mode approaches the base game from a completely direct angle. In addition to the existing main and secondary missions, they created completely new ones, which they said were at least as long and at the same time meaningful as their predecessors. Of course, there was also a strong emphasis on random events, such as a variety of car chases in the mode (whether we run away from the cops or the bad guys), but we also got new hacking options as we will be able to blow up the phones to make very spectacular situations. we can bring about.

In addition, there are 19 red zones in the game, which are guarded by bad-armed villains. To unleash these, we must eliminate all the opposites present, but how we do this is entirely up to us. True to Ubisoft’s other games (I’m thinking here of the Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed series), there are a myriad of options to choose from: sneak in quietly, stealthily, unobtrusively; we can kick the door with a lot of noise, puffing, but we can even let the police down on them by hacking, so we don’t even have to move our little fingers, just enjoy the show.

Living_City will also allow you to enter areas we’ve experienced in the original Watch Dogs campaign for a while, such as the overly cozy prison. We can revisit and discover all these places again, but we have been specifically warned that there may be criminals in many places, so let’s just roam carefully.

However, if all this hadn’t been enough to take the game back, you’ve smuggled tiny, in many cases barely noticeable, details into this mode that can only add color to your gaming experience. Such is the fact that, for the sake of realism, we can only keep one weapon with us, or that criminals can even trap us with a disguise or deception. If you want to browse through all the innovations, you can do it on this page, plus a guys have put together a nearly 10-minute, entertaining video that will really only be followed by a reinstallation.