Give your Nintendo Switch storage a Nintendo twist with these microSDXC cards up to 256GB

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, storage has been one of the main workhorses of Nintendo’s hybrid console, and although there are more and more manufacturers and higher capacity microSDXC cards, few are officially licensed by Nintendo.

Now that the offer of microSD XC cards is increasing and it is easy to find one of the capacity that best suits our needs, whether to use with the mobile phone, the camera or Nintendo Switch, find a card with great performance , own personality, and licensed by Nintendo … there the options are drastically reduced.

That is the case with the range of Sandisk UHS-I microSDXC cards officially licensed by Nintendo Switch, with capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256 GB, In all three models we find the same reading speed, up to 100MB / s, which means that loading your Nintendo Switch digital games will be as fast as possible the console.

For its part, the writing speed is 90MB / s in the higher capacity models (that is, 128 and 256 GB), which means that if you need to transfer the files from your previous card to one of these new models, or just copy video or photo files to use with mobile phone, you will enjoy some of the fastest transfer speeds on the market.

Get the microSD XC card with official Nintendo license at the best price

In this way, whether you are betting on buy your Nintendo Switch games digitallyAs if you are buying physical games like NBA 2K21 or the superb Bioshock The Collection (which require additional downloads, as in the case of the basketball simulator, which exceeds 30 GB), getting a microSDXC card is almost mandatory.

We have been able to test it thoroughly for a couple of weeks, and in our tests of the 256GB microSDXC UHS-I card licensed from Nintendo We have verified that the reading and writing speeds indicated by the manufacturer are correct, and that they make these cards fast and reliable models (we have not lost data when using it or on Nintendo Switch, or when copying or removing from the mobile … and even have the speed necessary to record 4K videos or with sports cameras).

But without a doubt, its differentiating aspect lies in the design, especially the silkscreen that covers the entire surface of the card. As a licensed Nintendo product, each model has a motif related to a Nintendo saga game, which varies depending on the capacity of the card.

The microSDXC card licensed by Nintendo 64GB pays homage to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld in attractive shades of gray, while the 128GB features red and the famous Super Mario mushrooms in shades of white (Super Mario Odyssey style), while the 256 GB are marked, in yellow tones, by the star that makes us invincible from the plumber’s games.

Like other microSD from the manufacturer, it comes with an SD-size adapter, and even the packaging is personalized with Nintendo’s motifs. You can find the microSDXC with the highest capacity right now for 74.99 euros, that is, with a 17% discount on its usual price, while the 128 GB cards can be purchased for 27.99 euros and the 64 GB for 24 , 34 euros.