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The small world of video games may grow and be more and more framed, there are always a few refractories who inexplicably manage to make their mark. A mysterious video game studio that seems to house just one developer in Bromley, South London, England: this one has just put on sale an ersatz of God of War on Xbox, called War Gods Zeus of Child.

Behind this chaotic name – some will even call it a parody, probably rightly – hides an amateur action game… but whose playable character is Kratos, the famous hero of the God of War saga. The iconic God of War is modeled there quite briefly and even appears on the jacket, while the rest of the sheet indicates a PEGI 18 for “Extreme Violence” on the Microsoft Store. The game is sold for £3.39, or €4.05.

Kratos can sleep soundly

It goes without saying that this game is a huge anomaly who knew how to cross the controls and the copyrights, which always turns out to be surprising since we are still talking about Microsoft and not about any amateur platform.

For a little more clarification, this project is sold on the Xbox Creators Collection, a part of the store where developers can sell “lighter” games, without the traditional certification of the Redmond firm and without Success. Nevertheless, taking advantage of the image of Kratos, the indisputable property of the competition since it belongs to Sony, to make money should not please the principal concerned.

Note that the title was released on July 27 (will it be on sale for very long?) and that its creator released, two short days later, a certain Dinasaur Falling Survival which is none other than a low-end copy of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The title is sold for £3.29 (€3.93) and as an ultimate snub to Epic Games but also to Nintendo, the main character wears Yoshi’s costume, a detail which is obviously important for copyright issues. .

This copy of God of War on Xbox is hilarious

Are you looking forward to God of War Ragnarök? Don’t wait until November 9, 2022, buy yourself an Xbox and crack for War Gods Zeus of Child. As strange as it may seem, it also features Kratos, muse of the PlayStation brand for years now.

No need to specify that War Gods Zeus of Child is a copy – ridiculous – of God of War and, of course, far from having been approved by Sony. “I can tell you, it’s a pointless experience where you have Kratos smash endless hordes of enemies into an arena, until you give up or Kratos dies,” the reporter says. Unfortunately, we can’t test it ourselves: War God Zeus of Child is already unavailable on August 3.

If you want to laugh, watch videos of War God Zeus of Child

On YouTube, you can find some gameplay videos of this War God Zeus of Child. And they are hilarious: we actually see Kratos making a fool of himself, stupidly waving his arm to get rid of monsters, each more stupid than the other. Nothing works: the graphics are ugly, the animations are laughable (Kratos slips on the ground!), the game mechanics are poor and the gameplay seems to be painful. It is really reminiscent of all those copies that flood mobile distribution platforms.

An initiative that makes it possible to dispense with the standard process (which involves checks). Developers who go through this must nevertheless follow some obvious rules, such as “not to use names, images or other metadata identical to those of other products”. It is probably for this reason that War God Zeus of Child ended up disappearing from the Xbox Store.

God of War finally on Xbox with this game completely rinsed!

A ridiculous clone of God of War on Xbox

You had to dare! Do you have an Xbox and are disgusted that you can’t play God of War Ragnarok? A studio has thought of you…sort of. A certain War Gods Zeus of Child was available on the Xbox store. And as unlikely as it may seem, this game lets you embody one of PlayStation’s muses: Kratos.

No need to rush to buy it, this ridiculous copy of God of War is already unavailable since our colleagues’ article. What was the object of the game? Ask “Kratos to hit endless hordes of enemies in an arena, until you give up or Kratos dies”, specifies the journalist who devoted himself to test this bousin all the same sold $ 4. If your curiosity is piqued, here are some snippets of this flushed clone and we can say that the gameplay is hilarious to say the least. Everything is laughable: animations, gameplay and graphics.

God of War: a copy of the game arrives on Xbox


In the Microsoft Store, players discovered War Gods Zeus of Child, which will let you play Kratos, the main character of the God of War franchise. The creators obviously tried to copy the battle against the evil gods by modeling an identical protagonist and adding him to the cover of the project. The game is sold in the Microsoft Store for 4.09 dollars, which is almost 20 times less than God of War Ragnarok.

The description reads: “War Gods Zeus of Child is a great war game. Destroy all enemies and creatures with the Zeus War Gods. Kill them all with your weapon. Launch attacks with various combos. Achieve the highest number of monster kills without dying. Feel the power of the god”.

You can play God of War on Xbox now

New ‘God of War’ game appears in Xbox Store

So what exactly is this monstrosity, and how did it come into our lives? Well, it’s an amazing game that you can buy from the Xbox Store for a few dollars. The game itself is complete and utter nonsense. If you were looking for great gameplay, a deep story, and insane characters, then this isn’t the God of War parody for you, honey.

Basically, War Gods Zeus of Child is an arena fighting game where you can play as Kratos... or a warped version of him and you fight an onslaught of mobs. The game ends when you die or throw your controller to the ground in frustration.

But he has his moments. There are no accompanying animations so when you decide to step back you just float…that alone made me laugh a lot to be honest.

Where to get this game?

As already mentioned, this game is available in the Xbox Store. It seems to be part of Xbox Creators Collectionwhere small studios or individual creators can publish their games, but nowhere in the xbox store he says War Gods Zeus of Child is part of that…

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