God of War vs The Last of Us at the BAFTA Game Awards? Cory Balrog ‘goes into crisis’ on Twitter

With i BAFTA Game Awards arriving on April 2, voting is taking place right now to see who will be the finalist. The two games in question are The Last of Us is God of War. Apparently, this result sent the director of Santa Monica Studio into crisis, Cory Balrog, who started tweeting his “disappointment” (but jokingly).

Barlog shared the official BAFTA tweet asking how people can choose between these two games because studies are like family. However, the director points to claiming to vote for God of War, claiming the game uses … more Teraflop than 2013’s The Last of Us.


You should vote for God of War, though.?

I mean, sure TLOU is pretty much a perfect experience, but we TOTALLY used more teraflops. ?? https://t.co/brVOLMuWR2

– Cory Balrog? (@corybarlog) April 1, 2020 Manage cookie settings

Cory Barlog then begins to wage an intense campaign against Neil Druckmann, one of the directors of The Last of Us and the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, in which he openly accuses Druckmann of killing puppies and that a vote for The Last of Us would mean putting a kitten to the gallows.

I? M not saying if you vote for @Neil_Druckmann + @Naughty_Dog? S game will kill this kitten …

I? M not saying that.

But Im also NOT saying he DOESN? T kill kittens.

He does. Vote for GOW or that pretty man is going to ice a kitty cat.

Don? T do it, Neil. Think of the children. ?? pic.twitter.com/54clrvDzKG

– Cory Balrog? (@corybarlog) April 1, 2020 Manage cookie settings

The exchange continued, with Druckmann simply responding with a “FINISH HIM” followed by a heart. From here, another director of The Last of Us, Bruce Straley, also entered the discourse, who told unlikely anecdotes about Balrog. In short, in the end Druckmann got out of the conversation by letting Balrog tweet his rants non-stop.

? Now it’s time to vote for your champion of the Bafta World Cup of Games !! ?

It’s 2019’s Best Game Winner GOD OF WAR v THE LAST OF US the winner of 2014’s Best Game

– BAFTA Games (@BAFTAGames) March 31, 2020 Manage cookie settings

Meanwhile, voting to know the finalist is taking place on Twitter. For now we can tell you that The Last of Us is winning, but there are still 3 hours left and the result can be overturned. We remind you that The Last of Us Part II is expected on PlayStation 4 on May 26th.

And who would you vote for? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Dualshockers

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