Godfall on PS5 will be a mix of Monster Hunter, Dark Souls and Destiny that will push hard on Ray Tracing

Godfall, the expected title PlayStation 5 launch, developed by Counterplay Games, received an interesting in-depth article in the latest issue of OPM UK and this allowed us to discover some interesting details about the future looter-slasher.

According to what was declared by the developers, Godfall will enjoy full support for ray tracing, 3D audio and very short loading times, certainly thanks to the powerful SSD, flagship of the next-gen Sony.

Apparently, the title is considered a merger of Dark Souls is Destiny, with a white weapon battle system that recalls the arduous series of From Software and a cascade of loot to customize your character, exactly the title Bungie. According to some development insiders, even a hint of Godfall can be seen in Godfall Monster Hunter: World of Capcom. Of course, all excellent sources of inspiration.

Going more specifically, the article also talks about classes: at the beginning of the game we will have to choose a class, which will be assigned to us according to the type of armor that our character will wear. There are three types of armor, but the existence of many other protections (and related classes) is desirable.

Finally, a small comment on the game bosses: all the bosses have been made to fight against more than one person, for this reason even if you team up with your friends, you must expect a difficult challenge.

This is, at the moment, the only information shared by the developers. Many other news will certainly be shared in the future, hoping also with some extended gameplay videos.

What do you think? How much revealed so far inspires confidence in you?

Source: PSU