Gods among Pirates is now on Kickstarter

As of today, Wednesday May 4, the crowdfunding campaign of «Gods among Pirates” in Kickstarter.

Gods among Pirates It is an original project of a Spanish studio Ahrledia Games, that seeks to bring traditional role-playing games to the world of Video Games.

The game is set in a steampunk-style pirate world. Gods among Pirates offers players the opportunity to be part of a universe where there are countless corsairs, floating islands, flying ships and capricious Gods who will shape the destiny of the Pirates as they wish.

All of you support this great project so that it sees the light! Here we leave you the Kickstarter link.

And for those who do not remember well what it is, here we leave you all the information about the game.

In Gogs among Pirates the player will have a wide variety of customization elements that will allow us to live immersive stories in a 3D world from a third-person perspective. The game wants the player to experience the classic tabletop RPG, where the Master creates a story frame and the heroes play it. The master creates the story, but the players will also have shared control of the story and any of them can alter its course in real time.

Control the character, control the story, control your game

Every adventure needs its God, and you will adopt the role of one, and you will be able to create your own maps and objectives, so that no adventure is the same as the previous one. You will have everything under your control with a great arsenal of powers and the ability to possess any of your units, controlling them from a third person camera.

In the game you will be free to join a journey as God of the pirates and act as a Master in an adventure, or put yourself in the shoes of a legendary Pirate and live countless feats designed by capricious Gods.

Play as a Pirate Play like god
  • Take on your preferred hero role.
  • Evolve and play your way.
  • Customize the behavior of your hero.
  • Customize the look of your hero with a wide variety of elements.
  • Fight in an immersive way.
  • Conversations with NPCs have never been so interactive in an RPG.
  • Become the Master of the adventure.
  • Create your own maps and objectives to challenge the heroes.
  • Use your powers to control the situation from the point of view of a God.
  • Own and control your minions and final bosses in the third person.
  • Evolve as a Master to get more and better powers and offerings.
  • Whether you choose to be a God, or you choose to be a Pirate, at any moment you will have control over your character, your story and, ultimately, your game.

You want to try it! Support the project!