GOG GALAXY 2.0 now also handles our Epic Games Store games

The CD Project client has taken another step towards actually gathering all our video games in one place.

The CD Project is paying increasing attention to a video game client called GOG GALAXY 2.0, on which, for example, The Witcher 3 was recently released for free. GOG GALAXY 2.0 can be a tempting option for anyone because it really does what it promises: it gathers all our games into a single client, even Xbox Live and PlayStation Network titles as well. And yesterday, it was announced on Twitter that the Epic Games Store has now been officially integrated.

In practice, this means that GOG GALAXY 2.0 now also lists all of our games purchased through the Epic Games Store – previously only possible as part of community integration, but now official support has arrived. In order to launch your Epic Games Store games from the GALAXY 2.0 client, you need to fight your way through the following steps in a flash.

Click on “Settings” within GOG GALAXY, tap on Add Games & Friends’, then navigate to the Connect Platforms section to get to the Connect button, then type in the Epic Games Store your login details. When you are done with all this, the integration is ready.