It hasn’t been a month since the launch of Dragon ball fighterz of which you can see our analysis here, and its predecessor Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 it seems to be more live than never thanks to the imminent arrival of the «Extra Pack 2».

Goku Ultra Instinct confirmed as character in Extra Pack 2

Bandai namco has confirmed that the new and (in principle) last transformation of Goku. Call “Goku Ultra Instinct” will be part of the content that will be included in the new DLC Extra Pack – Part 2 ″.

At the moment we know that this new transformation of Goku will have an ability called “Accelerating Battle Aura”, thanks to which we will be able to execute a rush attack immediately after failing one. Here you can see some images of the character in action.

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This Extra Pack – Part 2 will bring with it:

  • 4 new characters (Jiren, Android Nº17, Fu and Goku Ultra Instinct).
  • A new chapter with history focused on the new character «Fu».

The DLC will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, and may be purchased individually by 9.99 euros or together with the Extra Pack – Part 1 by 16.99 euros. At the moment the exact date of the launch is not yet known. But it will be available before the end of this February.

Are you ready to activate Ultra Instinct?