Google Announces New Google TV Interface Coming to Sony TVs in the First Half of 2021

A few hours ago, the news was the arrival of the Chromecast carrying Google TV, that new coat of varnish on Android TV which resembles it, more than ever, to other models of dongles that we can find in the market. But we should not think that only the Chromecast will have Google TV.

The Mountain View-based company has announced that its new proposal will also reach televisions. Starting in 2021, Google TV will be a reality in different TV brands and one of those that will offer the new experience will be the Japanese brand Sony. In fact, Google refers to this firm very specifically.

Google TV on Sony TVs

Sony has in its catalog models based on Android TV with different versions of the Google operating system that go up to Android 10. And while waiting for Android 11 we now know that Google TV is coming to compatible Sony models and from other manufacturers.

This has been announced by the company on its blog. As of 2021, Google TV will also be available on Sony TVs and other brands that use the Android TV operating system. Google cites only Sony, but it is to be expected that a good part of the brands that use Android TV will end up adopting the new interface.

Counting Google TV does not offer differences in terms of compatibility with Android applications that until now we have been using in smart TVs. Google TV is compatible with all apps created for the Android TV operating system.

What we do not know is if Google Stadia will be available on televisionsWell, we already know that the new Chromecast is surprisingly not compatible (for now) with Google’s cloud gaming service.

The arrival of Google TV to compatible televisions expected to take place in the first half of 2021, almost certainly coinciding with the arrival of the new models that began to hit the market at that time after being announced at CES in Las Vegas each year.

By the way, the company made another announcement and it is that the application Google Play Movies & TV for Android mobile devices will change its name and design. Now it will be called Google TV and will offer access to different types of content. This change begins today in the United States, where it arrives as an update to the Google Play Movies & TV application.