Google begins to implement a new functionality to show short videos from TikTok and Instagram in its searches

Last August, we echoed the fact that Google was testing Google Discover, temporarily showing a new category of ‘Short Videos’ in carousel format (that is, with horizontal scrolling).

At that moment, all videos came from platforms like Trell (a Hindu competitor of TikTok) and Tangi (Google’s own DIY content project).

Progressive implementation of the new functionality

Now, Google has announced that it will definitely incorporate short videos into mobile search results, only in this case these videos will also come from the most popular platforms in this field: TikTok and Instagram.

Google has confirmed to the US media TechCrunch that this new functionality will be available in both mobile searches and those carried out in desktop browsers, but not yet for all users or in all regions (its implementation will begin, as usual, in the United States).

Once a user has access to the new functionality, each time they try to access one of the Google Discover short videos The mobile app of the video platform in question will not open (even if you have it installed)it will redirect you to the web version of it.

The possible explanation for this is that of encourage users to spend more time within Googleas all it takes is a tap on the ‘Back’ arrow on the smartphone interface to return to the search results.

It should be noted that this “Short Videos” carousel has nothing to do with Google’s ‘Web Stories’, a functionality added a couple of months ago to the Google search mobile application, heir to the old news in AMP format.