Google closes the Play Music store as a step prior to killing the service

There is very little left for Google Play Music to close permanently: all services are moved to YouTube Music. Although there was one that remained active until now, the music store, an option that has disappeared: now only the acquired music can be downloaded or transferred to YouTube Music, do not buy more.

Although Google is an expert in keeping identical services active, with a special predilection for messaging and video calls, it was strange that until very recently keep up its two music streaming services: Play Music and YouTube Music. Finally it was decided to finish with the first in favor of the second. And Google has been migrating services allowing users to also migrate all their music content. And the last nail in the coffin of Google Play Music is already in: it just ran out of the music store.

Download purchased music or move it to YouTube Music

It’s official: the Google Play Music store has closed, so It is no longer possible to purchase songs and albums to own them.. This was one of the three ways to listen to music that Play Music offered apart from uploading your own songs to your cloud and streaming the catalog under subscription. In this way, YouTube Music will monopolize the company’s music services, although without having a music store where you can buy the songs.

Once the store has definitively closed its services, the question arises: what happens to all the music that the user has acquired? As confirmed by Google, it is associated with the account, so can be downloaded to listen to anywhere and can also be transferred to YouTube Music to add it to your personal library. The processes are as follows:

  • Download the music using Google Takeout. You can download all the songs you have purchased using Google’s data download function. To do this, access your account, click on ‘Unmark all’, scroll down to ‘Google Play Music’, mark this download and complete the process by clicking on ‘Next step’. Google will send you a link after a while with all the information it has about you related to Play music, songs included. These will be downloaded in MP3.
  • Move songs to YouTube Music. With the tool to move all content from Play Music to YouTube Music you can migrate the lists, favorites and, of course, all the purchased songs. Just follow this tutorial.

The most advisable thing is that you move all your purchased music as soon as possible. In principle it should not disappear since it is stored in Google Takeout, but you never know: it is better to have it downloaded or, at least, to have moved it completely to YouTube Music.