Halloween officially takes place on October 31, and the countries in which this party is common have already started to heat up. To participate in the game, Google launched today (30) Doodle in celebration of Halloween with a great novelty: it is the first time that the resource is an interactive and multiplayer game.

The game is called Trick-or-Treat: The Great Ghoul Duel and it is simple: two groups of ghosts face each other in a dark castle and must collect as many flames as possible until the timer is reset; each player controls a ghost and the collected flames accumulate in a tail until they are returned to the base and, in the end, the group with the most recovered flames wins.

Google’s interactive doodle celebrates Halloween.

The challenge, however, is more complex because just touching an enemy’s tail to steal its flames – and vice versa. So, in addition to agility, it will take a little bit of strategy to collect many flames and return to your barracks without becoming (very) vulnerable.

In The Great Ghoul Duel, you can join an open game that already exists or create your own duel and invite your friends through a specific link. It is also worth remembering that to access the Halloween Doodle here in Brazil you have to go to google.com/doodles/halloween-2018.

Google Doodle in honor of Halloween is a fun multiplayer game via SamaGame

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