Google expels the Grooveshark application from the Android Market

Google has decided to expel the music application, Grooveshark, from the Android Market. The decision is argued that Grooveshark violated copyright laws – a massive complaint from record companies.

Google lately is more aware of the applications present in the Android Market. Especially on the subject of music if you want to prepare the ground for the exit of Google Music and future record deals.

Android’s open nature won’t stop us from having Grooveshark on our mobiles, since it can probably be downloaded from its official website directly. In other alternative stores such as the Amazon AppStore it is totally impossible, being much more restrictive on the whole issue of copyright.

In order to Grooveshark It is not the first time that it happens to them, since Apple also expelled them from the AppStore in iOS. Again the company is hit again in its struggle to be a global online player in the style of Spotify, but with a clear difference: it allows users to upload their own MP3s which collides head-on against the interests of record companies.