Google is asking for your help

Google wants your Play Store ratings and feedback to give you a reliable picture.

The Google Play Store is home to roughly 2.6 million apps, and while the rapid growth is a good thing, it has brought with it quite a few problems over the years.

Google is constantly struggling with false and misleading ratings, which often make it difficult to distinguish between really good apps and games and phishing or proprietary solutions.

Google says the situation is very serious. In just one week, it found millions of ratings and feedback that needed to be deleted. And because of these, he identified thousands of bad apps.

The search process is gradually being automated, currently people are helping the machine learning process. Experienced testers regularly confirm the good decisions of artificial intelligence, further improving its reliability and accuracy in locating assessments and feedback that violate the standards.

Sometimes, of course, both humans and machines can make mistakes, which is why Google is asking both developers and users to get involved in making the Play Store a cleaner, safer, and more reliable place. All that is needed is honest, unbiased and financially unaffected feedback, in an intelligent and cultured way. This sounds easy in theory, but in practice it is even more difficult, partly because some achieve better ratings with discounts and in-app items, while others pay for it directly.