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Google Photos by default stops backing up WhatsApp photos and other social media apps

Google Photos by default stops backing up WhatsApp photos and other social media apps

Last week in SamaGame Android they echoed a change in the app Google Photos through which you can stop making backup copies of photos from social networks and messaging apps like WhatsApp. Now this change has been formalized, by default, there will be no more backups to reduce high data consumption.

Google Photos is so good I ended up giving all my photos to Google

Recently, Google has redesigned the Google Photos app with a new interface. At this change, it seems that accompanied him to some trainees in functionality. For example, don’t back up some photos and videos by default.

Since Google Photos allows unlimited content storage, is a perfect tool to keep a backup copy of all the photos that reach us, no matter how insignificant they are. In other words, a great place to store the hundreds of photos that come to WhatsApp groups and other apps. The company wants to slow this down a bit.

As reported by Google on a new Google Photos support page, due to the large number of photos shared during this COVID-19 situation, the traffic has increased dramatically and they are looking to save internet resources. Therefore, backing up and synchronizing Photo folders created by messaging apps have been disabled by default.

Does that mean they will stop syncing? Yes by default, not forever. That is to say, the user can reactivate this option at any time. But keep in mind that by default it will be disabled, users will be notified to notify them of the change.

the applications whose backup has been disabled in Google Photos, it is several and mainly instant messaging. According to Android Police, they are: Facebook, Helo, Instagram, LINE, Messages, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Viber, and Whatsapp.

How to reactivate backup in Google Photos

If you consider that you are interested in the photos received in one of the previous applications, save them in Google Photos, you can reactivate the backup and synchronization. To do so, follow these steps:

Steps to re-enable backups from application albums.

Albums désynchronisés will appear with a crossed out cloud icon at the bottom right of the album preview. Another option to see at a glance all synced or not synced folders is to click on our account photo and go to ‘Photo settings’> ‘Backup and sync’> ‘Device folders with backup’.

Steps to re-enable backups from app settings.