While tech giant Google’s Play Store has officially completed its 10th anniversary, it’s now getting a new logo to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The tech giant has slightly changed the overall shape of its Google Play Store logo, but the most noticeable changes are the less vibrant colors that more closely match the green, yellow, blue and red hues that Google uses for many of its other services.

“We are introducing a new logo that better reflects the magic of Google and matches the branding shared by many of our useful products – Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail and more,” said Tian Lim, vice president. from Google Play. .

The new logo and iconography also mark 10 years since Google Play rebranded from the Android Market in 2012.

“A decade later, more than 2.5 billion people in more than 190 countries use Google Play every month to discover apps, games and digital content,” Lim said.

“And more than 2 million developers work with us to grow their businesses and reach people around the world,” Lim added.

To mark 10 years of Google Play, Google is also giving away a Google Play Points boost. If users activate the points booster, they will earn 10x points on purchases, including most in-app items.

20 Temporarily Free Android and iOS Apps

Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Temporarily Free Productivity/Lifestyle Android Apps on the Google Play Store

  • Home Workout Pro (€1.79): Funny, I already installed this app when it was free last time – and I’m still not more muscular. I will definitely launch this app one day!
  • Video Gallery – HD Live Video Wallpapers (€0.69)Most of the time I don’t need live wallpapers on my smartphone. If you are different and need some new food for your home screen, this might be your app.

Android mobile games temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Peppa Pig Sports Day (€3.99): Peppa Pig games are always good, no Not for us adults, but children of course celebrate Peppa in a frenzy. As always, this is a collection of different minigames.
  • Rogue Hearts (€0.99): A cool dungeon crawler game, but one that requires you to make in-app purchases. But you can also buy the weapons, treasures, etc. in the game.
  • Klocki (€1.99): No time limit, no ads, just relaxing music. That’s how you can enjoy a puzzle game, isn’t it?
  • mr racer (4.99 €): Challenge your friends or the AI ​​in frantic races.
  • Neo Monsters (€0.50): Capturing and training monsters and having them compete in battles – sounds like this one game, what was it called again?
  • Cartoon Craft (€1.49): Real-time strategy game, in which you must logically decimate the troops of your enemies.
  • Cyber ​​Fighters: Offline Game (€1.09): Action-RPG in which you are immersed in a world just after the end of the Third World War, in the year 2077! Can be played offline, as the title suggests.
  • Superhero War Premium (€0.59): Action-RPG in which you fight through many levels to collect gold and diamonds.

Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App Store

Productivity/lifestyle iOS apps temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • Find Your Fitbit – Super Fast (€4.99): Do you tend to misplace your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker? So grab this app!
  • TV Remote – Universal Remote (€2.99): This application allows you to easily control your TV with your iPhone or iPad.
  • gTasks Pro for Google Tasks (€5.99): Synchronizes your tasks with Google Tasks. It syncs your tasks across multiple devices, displays tasks and appointments simultaneously, and also offers location-based reminders.
  • MuseCam – Photo Editor (€3.99): This photo editing app is more for serious photographers who know how to deal with manual adjustments – and less for those who just want to quickly apply a few filters to their photo.

iOS games temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • Peppa Pig Sports Day (€3.99): The Peppa Pig Mini Games Collection is also free for iOS.
  • Johnny Bonasera 1 (€1.99): A gang of punks played a bad trick on Johnny. He now wants revenge in this adventure game.
  • Neo Monsters (€0.99): Catching and training monsters…ah, I already wrote everything above for the Android version.
  • Tank Battle – Mini War (€6.99): Those who have already played Battle City on the NES know what we are dealing with here, a simple tank battle game.
  • Rogue Hearts (€0.99): This dungeon crawler game is also available for free for iOS.

Google celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Play Store with a new logo

the Play store is officially 10 years old and Google has decided to mark the occasion. In addition to a new logo in perfect harmony with the current aesthetic of the American giant (see above), there is a promotion right now which offers 10 times the number of Play Points for those who make purchases.

The Google Play Store celebrates its 10th anniversary

You could then buy anything Google offered through one of many sites or a number of different apps. For a time, you could even browse a digital kiosk and hardware products like Nexus devices and Chromebooks. The service has, unsurprisingly, been hugely popular given its prominence on Android, with more than 2.5 billion people using the store each month from 190 countries.

The Play Store has also had its share of controversy. Although Play Protect’s anti-malware system and various security processes have made the store more trustworthy than when it started, there are still dubious apps that manage to sneak past the radar. Google has also struggled with its various policies. Fortnite creator Epic Games and others have accused Google of nearly banning the use of third-party payment systems and even going so far as to block agreements with manufacturers. Google had tightened its guidelines in June, making it mandatory for many apps to use the Play Store’s billing system.

The European Union had partially undermined this approach with a law making the possibility of access to third-party payment platforms mandatory. Other regulators have demanded similar changes. As important as the Play Store for Android and Google as a whole may be, chances are it will lose some of its luster, or at least its importance, in the years to come.

The Google Play Store celebrates its 10th anniversary!

In 2012, the Google Play Store replaced the defunct Android Market. This advent marked the beginning of a long history for the Californian company which then continued to diversify. Over the years, the famous store has hosted millions of more or less unforgettable applications and other games. Ten years later, a small retrospective is in order.

A celebration and a hungry gift

To celebrate its anniversary, the Google Play Store currently has a section called “10 years of apps and games”. As its name suggests, this section lists the software adored by users over the last decade. Among the applications, we find for example the eternal TikTok, Instagram, Uber, Snapchat, Deliveroo and many others. On the games side, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, PUBG Mobile, Roblox or even Pokémon GO are in the spotlight.

Finally, from this Tuesday, July 26, a boost valid for 24 hours can be activated via the Google Play Store to obtain ten times more Play Points on each purchase made in the store. Remember that once accumulated, these points are used to obtain virtual currency for certain games or even coupons. To activate this advantage, you must go to the Play Store, touch your avatar, then your total Play Points (with the level displayed) and finally press the “Start” button next to the boost.

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