Google Play Pass, the subscription of apps and games for Android, arrives in Spain and launches a new annual plan

At the end of last year Google introduced Google Play Pass. It is his particular bet to compete, in his own way, against Apple Arcade, although the approach is different. If Apple is focused on exclusive games, without in-app purchases and without ads, Google Play Pass offers access to both applications to games without microtransactions or advertising. In a first phase it was launched in the United States, but the company has just confirmed that this week it will arrive in Spain and to more European countries.

Google Play Pass is priced at 4.99 euros per month, a 1: 1 conversion with respect to the dollar price. You can contract at that price or opt for an annual payment of 29.99 euros, which translates into 2.49 euros per month. Those users who have a family account on Google will be able to share Play Pass with up to five members, so the price would be reduced to 50 cents per month per member.

Open bar of apps and games

Google Play Pass was launched with 350 games and applications, but from Google they assure that during these months they have added more than 150 new apps and games, so the total catalog amounts to more than 500 applications. A figure that, by the way, will grow month by month as more developers join the program.

Unlike Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass does not have (for now) exclusive titles. In fact, there may be apps and games that are available on both iOS and Android, as would be the case with ‘Monument Valley’. However, from Google they assure that “there will be new releases that will be released in Play Pass later this year, such as ‘Bright Paw’ by Rogue and ‘Line Weight’ by The Label”.

The games and apps of Google Play Pass have been adapted to have neither advertising nor microtransactions

Saving these two cases, the rest of the apps that are in Google Play Pass are also available in Google Play for other users. However, those who are Play Pass subscribers will be able to access these apps tailored to be used without ads or microtransactions, thus avoiding additional expenses. Basically, you pay a monthly or yearly fee in exchange for getting rid of these two items.

Google Play Pass will be available throughout this week in Spain at a price of 4.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros per year. It will be necessary to have the version 16.6.25 or higher from Play Store and Android 4.4 KitKat or higher, so a priori compatibility should not be a problem. It can be contracted by accessing Google Play, opening the settings menu and selecting “Play Pass”.

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