Google Stadia to the rescue of Destiny 2 during the Coronavirus pandemic

Google Stadia it may not be the most popular platform for gamers but, behind the scenes, it is proving to be a great help for some developers. The boys of Bungie, responsible for Destiny 2, they are in fact taking advantage of Google’s game streaming platform to keep their title active and updated, despite being confined to their homes for quarantine.

In an interview with IGN, the COO of Bungie, Patrick O’Kelley, explained how his team has reacted to the current world situation, caught in the grip of the coronavirus. Bungie’s offices are located in known earthquake zones and heavy winter snowfalls, so adopting smart working, which was also done in this situation, was not difficult. However, the pandemic forces people to stay in their homes for much longer than normal, which is why special precautions had to be taken.

Hundreds of powerful developer-grade laptops were delivered to Bungie employees to make sure developers could play games with the right equipment. And that’s where Stadia comes in.

Bungie and Google have recently worked closely together, to try to perform playtesting sessions of the builds in development, through the Stadia streaming platform.

“Doing playtests on this scale is a hard thing to do, it takes a lot of bandwidth, so they teamed up with us to find what turned out to be a great solution for us. It’s not something we thought about. I start, but it looks like it will be a great way to keep doing regular playtests in a very easy way. “.

Just as Stadia subscribers can play Destiny 2 via streaming, Bungie employees can also work on the title via Google’s servers, even if they are not physically located in the same office: this should ensure updates and patches even in these difficult times.

Certainly great news for Destiny 2 players and a nice redemption for Stadia. What do you think?

Source: RockPaperShotgun