Google is preparing the launch of a new model of Chromecast, and a rain of details has just leaked thanks to a firmware. We learn that the device will be called Chromecast HD. It will not support 4K definition and will therefore remain limited to 1080p HD. However, according to the data that we discover on its technical sheet, the device will be a real progress compared to the Chromecast with current Google TV.

The first point is that the Chromecast HD will also benefit from the Google TV interface – and it will be sold directly under Android 12. But unlike the Chromecast with Google TV which is still under Android 10 two years after its release, everything indicates that the new model will finally be able to benefit from major updates.

The next Chromecast HD will be able to receive updates more easily

Indeed, the current model suffers from a much too narrow technical sheet. It only has 8 GB of internal storage, which prevents it from easily updating its operating system while offering enough space for installing applications and their updates – not to mention the cache that is accumulates over time.

This space is so limited that Google has a hard time even pushing regular security updates into it. However, as indicated by the developer Kuba Wojciechowski, quoted by SamaGame, the new device supports “A/B updates (virtual A/B with compression, to be precise)”, which means that the updates day in question can be streamed directly to the scores, rather than being downloaded to internal storage first.

This makes it possible to deliver major updates. But the developer nevertheless notes that the SoC of the device may be insufficient, at least for the full versions of Android 13. Google has in fact recently raised the amount of minimum RAM to 2 GB, while the device does not will offer only 1.5 GB of RAM

Google’s next Chromecast will fix one of its predecessor’s biggest problems

Google: the new Chromecast HD unveiled ahead of time

At the very beginning of the summer, we learned of the existence of the future Google Chromecast through the FCC, the telecommunications regulatory authority in the United States. Since then, leaks concerning this future Chromecast HD have multiplied, so much so that we now know the look of this new Google product to come but also certain characteristics.

This new “Chromecast HD with Google TV” should therefore take up the design of the current 4K model, still with this roller side and a power supply managed by a USB-C input. The Chromecast HD should however have a less powerful processor than the one on board the 4K version, namely the Amlogic S805X2 processor coupled with 1.5 GB of RAM.

Easy updates

The good news of the day, however, concerns the process of updating this Chromecast HD. Indeed, Google’s future toy can be updated live, via data downloaded from the cloud. This way, the device does not have to store the entire new firmware before installation.

This will correct a major concern regarding the current Google Chromecast 4K, which is still limited to Android 10 and whose 8 GB of storage does not allow you to benefit from certain updates.

In addition, the new Chromecast HD signed Google will be delivered directly with Android 12 on board, without forgetting Google TV of course as well as a small remote control to facilitate navigation. On the price side, it could be displayed at a price of around 40 dollars. We are now waiting for an official confirmation from Google.

Chromecast HD: photos and a technical sheet leak before the officialization

For the element of surprise, it is missed. For weeks now, we have been witnessing leaks of all kinds concerning Google’s next Chromecast. First validated at the beginning of June by the American certification authorities, the gadget was then talked about again this fall after another leak which revealed its price around 40 €. We now have photos and a technical sheet available.

The design of the 4K model

The Brazilian site Tecnoblog has indeed managed to get their hands on photos of the next multimedia box from Google. Unsurprisingly, “Chromecast HD with Google TV”—since that seems to be its full name—similarly resembles Chromecast 4K. Gone is the round look of the old Chromecast; this new version will have a more oval roller profile with still a cable with an HDMI port at the end. The power supply will a priori always be provided by a USB-C socket.

At first glance, the future Chromecast 1080p is identical to the 4K model. On the side of the technical sheet on the other hand, there are some differences. If we of course find compatibility with W-Fi 5 and Bluetooth LE, the processor on board this future Chromecast will obviously be less powerful than that of the Chromecast 4K. It is very precisely an Amlogic S805X2 chip which will come to animate Google’s future toy, a model much less powerful than the S905X3 embedded in the Chromecast 4K, but which remains compatible with the AV1 codec – which offers a better compression rate without as much to lose in quality).

No more update issues

Still on the ground of compromises, the Chromecast 1080p would be equipped with 1.5 GB of RAM (compared to 2 GB for the 4K model). This shouldn’t impact too much on everyday use. More interestingly, this future Chromecast will be compatible with a so-called “A/B” update mechanism. This means that the device is able to install an update downloaded from the cloud over the air without having to download the entire file; a sort of streaming update. This detail may seem insignificant, but this mechanism will circumvent one of the most important limitations of the 4K model which, due to its 8 GB storage space, cannot download certain updates.

Good news finally, the Chromecast HD will arrive directly with Android 12 preinstalled. As previous rumors indicated, this Chromecast will also arrive with the Google TV OS and will be accompanied by a remote control. Now that we have photos, a technical sheet and a price, all that remains is to wait for Google to finally deign to formalize its device.

Do you find the Chromecast too expensive? A new, more affordable model is on the way

It looks like a new Chromecast with Google TV is about to be unveiled – and if the latest leak below is to be believed, it would appear more or less identical to the current model which launched in September 2020.

The leak also lays out a few specs, pretty common for a Chromecast device: there’s an HDMI connector, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 5) support on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, and the Bluetooth LE support.

A more affordable price

While this lower definition will prove disappointing for some, for others the falling price should prove very attractive. A starting price of €40 has been mentioned for Europe, while the Chromecast 4K with Google TV currently retails for €70.

The new device could be revealed shortly. Google has announced a hardware event to be held on October 6. Appointment during which it should also introduce the Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 Pro and the Pixel Watch.

Regression or technological advancement?

With the vast majority of televisions currently on sale opting for a 4K resolution, it seems somewhat surprising that the new Chromecast with Google TV sticks to a Full HD definition. It will of course work on a 4K television, but it will not exploit the full potential of the panel.

Google needs to be convinced that there are enough small secondary TVs stuck in bedrooms and offices for demand to work in favor of this new model. Especially since it seems to cost a lot less than the 4K version in circulation.

The next dongle could prove to be a little faster than the current model and add a bit more storage space – Google admitted there were performance and storage capacity issues on the 4K device, while promising to fix things on future Chromecast iterations.

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