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Google TV app comes to iPhone with remote control feature

Google TV app comes to iPhone with remote control feature

Google finally introduced the Google TV app on iOS devices.

The entertainment app, which collects content recommendations from streaming services and lets you easily build a universal watchlist, will replace the old Google Play Movies and TV app in Apple‘s App Store. In other words, if you already have Google Play Movies and TV installed, you should have the Google TV experience by the end of June 1, 2022.

Some major streaming services don’t support Google TV’s ability to aggregate and show recommendations, including Netflix. But the Google TV app for iOS devices will still let you rate what you’ve watched previously, and you can use the app as a remote control for Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV devices. It will also contain your library of rentals and purchases from Google, which you can access from the “Your stuff” tab. Google’s Highlights tab is a personalized daily feed of news, reviews, and entertainment.

Remember that Google recently added individual user profiles to the Google TV experience. It could also be that fitness features are in the works for its TV platform.

The Google TV app is also available for Android phone users. The Google Play Movies and TV app was updated on September 30, 2020 and rebranded as the “Google TV app”. It also lets you find something to watch, buy or rent movies and TV shows, and manage your watch list.

“Google Play Films and series” gives way to “Google TV” on iOS

Goodbye Google Play Movies and series! The application is renamed Google TV and if it keeps from its predecessor the library of content purchased or rented from the Google store, this new app mainly adds recommendations from the various streaming services to which we subscribe (including Apple TV + if c is your type).

There is also the list of programs duly pinned in the application as well as on other Google TV devices, such as the latest Chromecast for example. The film and series sheets allow you to take a look at the trailers, they also present the synopsis of the content, and a system of thumbs to say if we like it or not who will feed the algo of the For you section.

The Google TV app also acts as a remote to control Google TV or Android TV devices in the home. This redesign will not be new for those who used the application on Android, which made its transition two years ago. If you already have the Google Play Movies and Series app (what a nutty name frankly) on your home screen, just update it today to enjoy Google TV.

The Google TV app is finally coming to iOS

In 2020, Google declared the death of Android TV in favor of Google TV, a brand new interface that draws its inspiration directly from Apple TV, the tenor in the field. Both clearer and more centralized, Google TV concentrates content on a single pagewhether streaming services, photos, installed apps or live TV.

Of course, Google TV also comes with a dedicated appfrom which users can buy/rent series and movies directly on the Google store. Since May 2022, the Movies & TV tab of the Google Play Store has disappeared, the purpose of the maneuver being to entice users to turn to Google TV.


Through this app, users will be able to watch movies, series and shows purchased from the Google store or synced from iTunes, Amazon and other digital sellers through the Movies Anywhere service.

Be careful however, like many applications that allow you to read digital content, it is not possible to rent or buy movies and series directly from the Google TV app for iOS. For this, it will be imperative to go through the Web version or via an Android device.

Google TV offers many features such as the ability to create viewing lists made up of content from different streaming services. You can also use the app as a remote control for your TV running Android TV OS or Google TV, whether it’s a Chromecast with Google TV, a TCL Google TV or any other device Android TV OS running Android 8.0 or newer. Previously, this feature was handled by the dedicated Android TV Remote appbut it was discontinued last year in favor of the Google Home app and now the Google TV app.

Google wants the Play Store to consist only of apps

Remember, some time ago, we informed you that the Play Store would soon experience some changes, in particular with the permanent removal of the “Movies and TV” section. And as had been announced, now Google is taking action.

The “Films and TV” section is moving

In this update, we learn that Movies and TV Shows are currently being removed from Google Play. For those who can still access this section at present, know that a banner will appear on your smartphone or tablet to inform you of the changes that are made.

If the “Movies and TV” section is removed from the Play Store, it is not necessarily doomed to disappear completely. Indeed, it will actually be transferred to the Google TV application. From there, you will be able to find all the content you have already purchased or rented, while being able to obtain new ones.

With the Google TV application, the American giant wants to offer an optimal user experience, thus facilitating, among other things, content recommendations. Anyway, and as we already mentioned last March, it is increasingly clear that Google wants to make its Play Store a virtual place made up solely of applications. It would therefore not be surprising to see the few remaining headings evaporate soon…