Pearl abyss today announced that the first update of the year in Black Desert Mobile brings a host of content updates. Notable among these are the inclusion of Grade 6 pets, improved Nether-grade Relics, and a new Guild reward system, among many other things.

The long-awaited 6th grade pets have finally made their appearance in Black Desert Mobile. Providing benefits for the characters in the form of additional combat experience. More attack points and experience for the additional Dark Spirit, among other things. So these pets will help the characters grow faster.

You can get a grade 6 mascot exchanging two grade 5 pets in the main menu. And this grade 6 pet will be able to inherit the abilities of the pets used for its creation.

On the other hand, nether grade relics have received an update that improves their statistics, giving Adventurers better attributes in the form of a higher CP (CP is the character’s combination of attack and defense); As CP grows, characters not only become more powerful but will also be able to access higher level content.

Lastly, the Guild Bonus for both Node Wars and Conquests has been improved. New rewards will be awarded in the form of Medals of Honor for participating, which in turn can be used to purchase special items, including a Shadowhunter outfit, relic upgrade materials, and more.

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