Without drive and engine Nothing runs in a car, even in Gran Turismo 7 not. There are different types of it, each with different properties.

In our guide we tell you what you should know about drives and motors in the game.

Everything about drives and engines in Gran Turismo 7:

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How to master my car in Gran Turismo 7?

Anyone who can drive a car in real life does not automatically master virtual vehicles – the same applies vice versa, of course. Sure, the basics are essentially the same, but while you can actually feel yourself pushing outwards in a corner in a real car, that’s obviously not the case in the video game.

Especially in a Gran Turismo 7, you shouldn’t drive around aggressively and ram everything in your way. In other racing games this is definitely a valid tactic, but not here. It is important that you correctly assess situations on the track and avoid unnecessary risks.

Be careful if you are in a group with several cars. Collisions lead to loss of speed and time, and you could possibly put yourself in a worse position. Furthermore, Gran Turismo 7 specifically penalizes rough driving via its sportsmanship rating.

The more vehicles you have, the more peculiarities have to be taken into account overall. Of course, you can buy as many as you want to complete your collection. However, it is worth concentrating on a few selected vehicles for driving and then perfecting how you use them. This is especially true for online competitions.

In the beginner area, this is rather irrelevant, since the performance of the cars is mostly on the same level here. But whatever the car, it never hurts to do a few practice laps to get a feel for its handling.

Whether you really need it depends on various factors. On the one hand, how good you are at racing games in general is important. The degree of difficulty and activated driving aids also play a role. If you want to take part in online competitions, you should be able to control your car in your sleep and be able to get by without driving aids.

There are different types of vehicles in Gran Turismo 7.

What engines and drives are there in Gran Turismo 7?

There are different vehicle classes in Gran Turismo 7 and they also differ depending on the engine. Street and racing cars are available and depending on the vehicle, the engine and drive are in different places. There are front (F), middle (M) and rear (R), among others. And then there are even more detailed options.

The front tires are heavily stressed on cars with front-wheel drive and front-engine (FF). The front tires are responsible for the steering and for the translation of the traction. If the load is too high, this leads to understeer.

With rear-wheel drive, the rear wheels propel your car. If the engine is strong, you can quickly accelerate to a high speed with such vehicles. There can be problems if the engine and drive are in the rear. This makes the steering a bit more difficult and you don’t have it that easy in corners. This can lead to oversteer, which results in a swerving rear end.

Rear-wheel drive and mid-engine (MR) vehicles offer a good balance. They achieve high acceleration and show good behavior in corners. However, they are prone to skidding at high speeds, which can happen quickly, so watch out. Alternatively, there are cars with front-wheel drive and rear-engine (FR). In terms of power, you have to make compromises here, but they have better stability.

There are still vehicles with all-wheel drive (4WD), which distribute their engine power to all four tires. This provides stability even at high speeds, but the car feels noticeably heavier in corners.

It should be noted that there is no optimal choice in Gran Turismo 7 that brings equally good results on all available tracks. Take a good look at the route you are driving on and then consider what type of vehicle or engine and drive is best suited for it. Always remember: If you make a bad choice, it will cost you time in the race.

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