After announcing in early June that Grandia and Grandia II will receive remastered versions for Nintendo Switch through a collection titled Grandia HD Collection, GunHo Online Entertainment took the opportunity to show more details about the collection during E3 2019, further increasing players’ anxiety. of JRPG around the world.

However, despite the joy with the announcement, what caught the attention of fans was the revelation that the remaster will arrive only for Switch at launch and not for other popular JRPG platforms, such as PlayStation 4. With that in mind, the DualShockers asked Takeshi Minagawa, the company’s Director of Publications, the developers’ reason for this decision.

According to Minagawa, Nintendo’s hybrid console is the one that best matches Grandia HD Collection, as the platform seems to be revitalizing and reviving JRPGs, with older IPs finding new life on the console, as is the case with the Mana series with Collection of Mana, an exclusive collection for Switch containing the three original titles in the series.

Thinking more specifically, the director discussed the existence of challenges to make Grandia HD Collection compatible with the most powerful system. It is worth mentioning that the Nintendo Switch has support for up to 1080p, while the PlayStation 4 is moving towards 4k. Converting original dated graphics to a new resolution and maintaining their essence would probably be a lot of work.

Despite this, Minagawa has not ruled out the possibility of Grandia HD Collection reaching the Sony console in the future and perhaps even for Xbox, but reinforced the idea that the Nintendo console is the most appropriate when it comes to delivering games to fans. older.

We can only wait and hope that the game is released for other platforms. But what about you, would you insist on 4k resolution in old games?

Grandia HD Collection is currently in development for Nintendo Switch. In addition, remastered versions of Grandia and Grandia II will also be released for PC.

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