Dan Houser, one of the founders of Rockstar who develops the GTA franchise, is getting into blockchain by investing in a video game studio.

Dan Houser is one of the great names in video games. This is one of the founders of Rockstar to whom we owe GTA whose sixth episode is long overdue. Today, the creator is on the side of the blockchain, which has many detractors, by investing in Revolving Games!

Dan Houser invests $13.2 million

The blockchain divides the players enormously, in particular because it is used to the NFTs that are so much talked about. A technology at the center of the strategy of Revolving Games, the company in which Dan House decides to invest. This is the Rockstar co-founder (along with Sam Houser, Terry Donovan and Jamie King) who left the company in 2020.

Since leaving, Dan Houser has formed a UK studio, Absurd Ventures in Games, which hasn’t published any games. It seems likely that the company, also registered in the US, is planning to turn to blockchain.

Because recently Dan Houser has invested no less than $13.2 million in Revolving Games and joined its advisory board. Since its start in 2020, the company has raised more than $25 million with 100 employees on the clock.

Two games in preparation at Revolving Games

Saad Zaeem, co-CEO of Revolving Games, shares the company’s ambition. That of create AAA which will “turn heads at big gatherings like Gamescom and E3”. The man wants to represent the front of what he calls an “evolution”.

Dan Houser (Rockstar Games) invests in blockchain games with Revolving Games

The former responsible for the creation of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption licenses at Rockstar Games joins the advisory board Revolving Games, specialist in games based on the blockchain, after participating in a fundraising of 13.2 million dollars.

At the head of the British studio Absurd Ventures in Games for a little over a year, Dan Houser is always so discreet since his departure from Rockstar Games unlike Leslie Benzies with Everywhere within Build A Rocket Boy. If the return of Dan Houser in the video game industry is not yet concrete, Revolving Games decided to welcome him to its advisory board following an investment of several million dollars coupled with those of Pantera Capital, Animoca Brands, Polygon, Dapper Labs, Permanens Capital Partners, Kenetic, Sarmayacar and DWeb3 Capital.

Dan Houser is back in the video game industry

Two years later, fans are still waiting for an announcement about Dan’s return to the video game industry. Last year, a first hope came to titillate the fans. In July 2021, the co-founder of Rockstar Games founded the companyAbsurd Ventures In Games LTD“. The company was founded under the register number 62011 which corresponds to the branch “Development of ready-to-use interactive leisure and entertainment software”. Dan Houser would obviously hold the position of producer and creative director.

Today, we learn that Dan Houser has officially joined a new studio: Revolving Games. The latter holds the position of advisory advisor in the company. The bad news is that the studio Revolving Games has just raised $13.2 million to develop triple A games with the blockchain.

In total, more than $25 million has been raised by the company since its creation in 2020. At the head of the studio, we find the three Saad brothers, Ammar and Shayan Zaeem. Obviously, Saad Zaeem met Dan Houser a few years ago and they started exploring different ideas together. Subsequently, Dan became an advisor and investor in the company.

Revolving Games Co-CEO Saad Zaeem said, “Dan is an industry legend Our vision is clear: to create AAA-quality games that turn heads among the top launches on top gaming forums like Gamescom and E3”. Revolving Games’ ambitions are high, the company intends to develop scalable and fully decentralized gaming experiences for globally recognized franchises and its own original intellectual properties. To date, Revolving Games has two studios and a team of over 100 employees working on blockchain games in North America, Europe and Asia.

Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser Joins Blockchain Game Studio Advisory Board

Former Rockstar creative lead Dan Houser has joined the advisory board of blockchain game developer Revolving Games.

According to SamaGame, Houser helped raise $13.2 million for the company. Subsequently, he joined the advisory board of Revolving Games. The company consists of two studios with around 100 employees in total, who are currently working on two titles. The former is an officially licensed Battlestar Galactica MMO, while the latter is a co-op adventure RPG inspired by Nintendo classics called Skybourne Legacy. The company has raised over $20 million for the development of web3 embedded games.

Dan Houser is best known for his work with Rockstar Games, which he co-founded. During his time at Rockstar, Houser co-wrote and co-directed development on several titles, including GTAV and Red Dead Redemption 2, until his departure in February 2020. He has since founded a company called Absurd Ventures in Games, although exactly what the company will do or what projects it will create is still unknown.

Despite the controversy surrounding blockchain and its effects on the environment, Dan Houser is far from the first high-profile developer to invest in the technology. Square Enix has continued to support the technology, even using the money from the sale of its Western studios to invest in blockchain. The former president of Nintendo of America has also expressed interest in the potential of blockchain.

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