GTA Vice City: How to Unlock Bridges

Of course, to fully enjoy everything in GTA Vice City, you have to Reveal the city map completely. To achieve this, you have to expand the gangster empire of Tommy Vercetti first, then you can explore larger areas in the game. You have to do this in Unlock GTA Vice City bridges.

At the beginning only the first island is available and you gradually uncover new areas with the help of missions, at least that’s officially the case. With the right glitches, the impatient can achieve what is actually still blocked earlier – this is then the unofficial variant. We explain both methods to you here.

Here we explain how you can unlock the closed bridges and fully unlock the map of Vice City.

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This is how the two locked bridges open in GTA Vice City

At the beginning of the game you quickly hit the first limit on the map of Vice City. The bridges between Vice City Beach, Vice City Mainland and Starfish Island are completely closed at the beginning due to hurricane warnings. So you can’t go over there yet.

This gate blocks access to one of the regions at the beginning of the game

Fortunately, these blockades are lifted after certain story quests have been completed, namely number 11 and number 13: “Guardian Angels” and “Phnom Penh ’86”. This then opens, after which the bridges to Starfish Island and the mainland open.

Here you can see the two Vice City bridges from a bird’s eye view

How to early explore the map in GTA Vice City with glitches

The laws of the game aren’t holding you back? Well, then, as a real gangster, you can use tricks to explore the entire map of Vice City early on. You can get to the island and the Vice City mainland using various unofficial methods.

These tactics worked in the original game and in later releases, so it’s very likely that they will still work in 2021 – give it a try if you’re curious!

This YouTube guide to the game shows you how the bridge glitches work, but we’ll briefly summarize them here:

  • To get to Starfish Island you snatch an ambulance under the nail. Then you drive to the closed gate by steering to the smaller gate on the left. Then you jump onto the vehicle roof and jump from sprinting over the barrier – Voilà! That’s it.
  • If you prefer to travel on two wheels, you can steal a motorcycle. As soon as the front tire of your bike is on the left side of the small gate, push forward until you get a wheelie. At the same time you have to jump off the motorcycle and a glitch catapults you onto Starfish Island.
  • To get to the mainland from Vice City, steals an ambulance and drives to the marina. Drive backwards at the right gate until the back of the car touches the gate. Then – as with the island – you jump on the roof of the car, sprint and jump. If everything works, you will slide through the gate with it. Now all you have to do is take a boat to the city center.
  • A second option is via the crab island. Go to the left side of the bridge that leads to the mainland. Sprint and jump against the left side of the bridge without touching the water. Then you should actually end up in a kind of glitch room inside the bridge. Then you just have to go straight ahead until the head of your figure looks out of the bridge again and can jump out of the building. You can already explore the mainland early on.