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[GUIDE] : Among Us: Tips and Tricks for Successful Part Five Game

[GUIDE] : Among Us: Tips and Tricks for Successful Part Five Game

Among us: how to get hats and pets in the game

How to get a pet among us?

An in-game pet can only be purchased for real money from the Starter Store, but above we have described a little tip on how to get free items on a mobile device. The same method also works with pets. It must be remembered that in order to change the fart code, you must correct the last zero in the encoding.

But if you are playing on a computer, the path where the encoded text document is located is in a different location: C: Users Username AppData LocalLow Innersloth Among Us. On a computer, the PlayerPrefs file can be opened with any text editor.

The image below shows all of the creatures and their code that are currently in the game.

Pets do not affect the gameplay in any way. Also, if you run with them as a traitor, you might have trouble getting into the ventilation. Because the animal is running after you with an r **** d of a few seconds. Sometimes dangerous moments arise when you have to dive into the hatch, thus not revealing yourself. And the little belly, a little hesitant at the entrance, is a wonderful sign of identification that you are an impostor.

How do I get hats from Among Us?

Costumes and hats are a great way to disguise your body. Basically, players remember the colors of the characters: red, black, white, etc. But if you close your file almost completely, some players will not be able to remember your name and choose a specific color when voting. Of course, there are seasoned players who notice everything, but with newbies it can bring good luck if you are a killer.

The method of obtaining a mask or hat for the game is similar to the method of obtaining skins and pets. Therefore, it makes no sense to focus on this again. Below we present the codes of the headers, which are entered instead of 1 zero in the encoding.

List of header codes

Hairstyle name Editable code
Astronaut helmet 1
Brain slug 3
Bush Hat 4
Captain’s hat five
Double cylinder 6
Flowerpot hat sept
Protective glasses eight
Helmet new
Military hat Dix
Police hat 13
Paper panama Our
Stethoscope Fourteen
Cylinder fifteen
Master of towels seize
Viking 18
Ushanka 17
Snowman 20
Deer horns 21
Christmas 22
Santa Claus 23
Christmas tree 24
Real hat 25
Elf 27
Eagle angel 32
Stickman 37
Protective cap 48
A ski mask 44

All codes are publicly available, so this trick will not be sanctioned by the developers.

Among us: Ship Map Guide (The Skeld)

Skeld is a huge spaceship and the most popular map in the game. It is easier to win on it than on the other 2 maps. Getting around is very easy, as the 14 rooms are connected by corridors. There are 2 horizontal and 3 vertical passages. The emergency button is located in the canteen, where the match begins.

Cameras. The key rooms on the map are the administrator and security (observation) premises, through which you can follow the actions of other crew members. And with their skillful use – to calculate the traitor. The cameras allow you to control 4 lanes at the same time:

However, the blind spots remain the 2 lower corridors and the short passage between the dining room and the armory. It can be adopted.

Ventilation. There are a total of 14 vents on the map (shown in the image above). The location of the ventilation is very easy to remember. There is no ventilation only in the storage and in the communication room. If you see a fresh corpse (usually the body is in an upright position for a few seconds after the kill) and a player leaves these rooms, they are definitely a traitor.

The most dangerous for a crew member is the panel room, as there are no cameras and there is ventilation.

Sabotage card. Sabotage deserves special attention. Sabotage locations on the ship are evenly distributed across the map:

As for closing the doors, the impostor can only close them on the left side of the card. Right, in this regard, it is safe enough. Communications sabotage is more convenient for a traitor, as it brings all the players together in the lower right corner, but there are no cameras. A detailed sabotage map is given below.

Visual quests. The map has 5 animated tasks, thanks to which you can easily find your own player or someone else’s. These tasks must be memorized and it is recommended to save them for emergencies:

  • Garbage Dumping in Canteen – A garbage dump animation will appear.
  • Disposal of garbage in storage – an animation of garbage disposal appears.
  • Medical compartment scan – the reader turns green.
  • Shooting asteroids in the armory – animation of plans.
  • Shield repair – the screens of the ships will light up.
  • But it must be remembered that the creator of the game can turn off visual effects, making life more difficult for civilians.

    Complete missions on the ship

    The tasks are divided into 4 types:

  • In short – it takes a little time, or they consist of one step. Immediately fill the progress meter.
  • Long – it takes a long time or consists of several steps. The quest ladder is only replenished after completing the last step. Therefore, it is very important to know the qualifications of the quests so as not to expel the innocent.
  • Visual – an animation or an image is displayed, making it possible to understand the innocence of the player.
  • General – absolutely all crew members have. If you don’t have a shared quest, no one else has. This feature allows you to calculate the traitor.
  • Several types of tasks can be combined at the same time. With the maximum number of objectives, the player can have a maximum of 2 general missions, 3 long missions and 5 short missions. There are tasks with a fixed duration, and there are tasks with a minimum amount of time to accomplish them.