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[GUIDE] : How to unlock all Dark Ops and Secret Ops Multiplayer & Zombies challenges in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

[GUIDE] : How to unlock all Dark Ops and Secret Ops Multiplayer & Zombies challenges in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

It’s hard to say how long it takes to complete the campaign mode in Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops. This can be as low as three hours for speedrunners, while it can take up to 10-11 hours for players who like to explore maps.

A Cod, however, the game never ends after completing the campaign. There will always be the multiplayer mode to test your mettle against other players and hidden missions to unlock more mysteries surrounding the game. Although Dark Ops challenges were lacking in the last The Cod title, they are back with Cold War Black Ops.

What makes Dark Ops challenges unique is that you will never know what they are until you complete them. They are hidden from players and only show their faces when you accidentally do them while playing the game. It is quite possible to miss some of them as there are Dark Ops quests that require you to play different game modes.

Dark Ops challenges do not count towards the game’s completion percentage, but you will be entitled to “complete the game” bragging rights after completing all Dark Ops quests.

Here’s how to unlock all Dark Ops challenges in CoD: Cold War Black Ops.

Dark Ops campaign challenges

Dark Ops Multiplayer Challenges

Dark Ops challenges in Zombies mode

Image via Activision

More Dark Ops challenges are expected to surface as players continue to complete them unknowingly. This list will be updated as new Dark Ops missions are discovered, and remember sharing any you may have found on the Cold War Black Ops community forums to help other players.

Call Of Duty Black OPS Cold War How To Unlock All Secret Ops In Multiplayer And Zombies

The new Call of Duty Black OPS Cold War is rather rich in challenges of all kinds, whether for the online multiplayer modes, the various zombie modes or for the campaign to live solo. If you are attentive to the challenges that the game offers, you will notice a “secret operations” section in the menus where all the challenges are locked under a padlock with the mention “top secret”. If you are looking to find out how you can unlock all the covert ops for Call of Duty Black OPS Cold War multiplayer or zombie, we suggest you find a quick guide below that will reveal all the conditions you will need to meet to unlock them in your game.

How to complete all top secret / covert ops challenges in Call of Duty Black OPS Cold War:

Each time you successfully complete the covert op challenge, you will unlock a player banner that you can equip at any time from the in-game menus. Find below all the conditions you will need to meet during your games to unlock all those top secret challenges of the game.

All Covert Ops Unlockable Multiplayer:

  • Relentless Killer – You must earn 10 “Relentless” medals by doing 20 kills without dying in multiplayer matches.
  • Brutal Killer – You must earn a “Brutal” medal by completing 25 kills without dying in a multiplayer game.
  • Nuclear Killer – You must earn a “Nuclear” medal which is obtained by achieving 30 kills without dying.
  • Frenzied Slayer – You will need to earn a Slay medal by completing 5 quick kills in a multiplayer match.
  • Mega Killer – Obtain a “Massacre” medal by completing 6 Quick Kills in Multiplayer.
  • Ultra Killer – You will need to earn an Extermination medal in a multiplayer game by completing 7 quick kills.
  • Chain Killer – You will need to successfully complete a chain of 7 player kills quickly in multiplayer.
  • From the Depths – In multiplayer, get 25 kills against enemies on land or on a ship when you shoot them underwater with a primary or secondary weapon.
  • The Eraser – In a Bomb Assault Team multiplayer match, take out a team of four on your own.
  • Return to Sender – Return a Frag Grenade and eliminate the enemy who threw it at you.
  • Submarine Operation – Underwater, place C4 on an enemy occupied gunboat and detonate it to kill the occupants 5 times
  • Nuclear as you wish – Earn a nuclear medal by hitting all kills with the same weapon.
  • All the covert ops to unlock in zombie mode:

  • Reaper of the Living Dead – Successfully kill over 1 million zombies (all games combined).
  • Armed to the Teeth – Obtain 2 weapons with the hell of a punch at max level, equipped ammo mods, and 6 activated perks.
  • Social Distancing – Reach round 20 without being hit once by zombies.
  • The Anvil – Exfiltrate using only melee attacks.
  • One more ? – Reach round 100 in a Die Maschine / Unlimited game.
  • Sufficient – Reach round 20 with only your starting gear equipped and with no upgrades.
  • Invincible – You will need to reach round 30 without getting knocked down once.
  • Checkmate – In Die Maschine, you will have to play all the trials in a single game.
  • Messenger of Chaos – You’ll need to successfully take down 50 enemies with just one support.
  • Mystery Box Addict – You must purchase all of the Mystery Box weapons in one game.
  • Liberation from Evil – In Die Maschine, simply complete the main quest.
  • King of the Silverbacks – You must score 999,999,999 points every game in Dead OPS Arcade